First Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final

Day 12: Join us for the latest live updates from the Stockholm's Globe Arena!

All set for the first Dress Rehearsal
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Stockholm, Sweden

The excitement at this year's Eurovision venue is rising as the first Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final will take place at the Globe Arena at 14:30 CET. This is the last chance for the 26 countries and their artists to bring the performances to perfection, before tonight's show aired for the jury members only. Wondering what’s going on stage and would like to know more about the show? Follow our live updates and tell us what you think below.

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Belgium's Laura Tesoro: "I love Justin Timberlake!"

Watch Laura from Belgium perform a song of Justin Timberlake in the streets of Stockholm.

Grand Final

Justin says "I'm ready, you ready Europe?"

I'm ready. You ready EUROPE? @Eurovision #CantStopTheFeeling #Tomorrow

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Grand Final

Decision time for the Juries

26 songs will participate in the Grand Final, and professional juries in each of the participating countries in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (42 total), will be voting on tonight's show. They will account for 50% of the overall total. The juries vote tonight, so that the EBU has a valid voting result before tomorrow's live show.

Should any unexpected problems occur in the televoting, the jury votes can be used as back-ups. This setup also allows the EBU and PwC, who carefully monitor the voting, to assure the validity of the jury voting before the live show. In case of apparent irregularities, a national jury vote may be discarded.

Grand Final

Press conferences of Big Five countries

While the first Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final is taking place at the Globe Arena today, the Big Five countries and their artists will also hold the press conferences at this year’s Eurovision venue, in the following order: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK. Read more...

Grand Final

Stop voting now

Now we have the countdown to the voting lines being closed. Whilst we wait for the votes to be counted and verified, we move onto;

Interval Act: Måns Zelmerlöw

As a reminder as to why we are in Stockholm. Måns Zelmerlöw will perform his winning song from 2015 Heroes, as well as the world premiere of his latest single Fire In the Rain.

The Voting 

Then we will have the exciting voting sequence....and tomorrow night one of the 26 entrants will lift the Grand Prix trophy for 2016. Who will it be?

Tell us who you think will be the winner?

Grand Final

Eurovision Nerd Nation: Part 3

Continuing the short films we saw in the two Semi-Finals, we reach the present day, where Eurovision madness no bounds as it infiltrates every level and institution of society. If this goes on what will the future be for the Swedish people.

Grand Final

Lynda Woodruff is back

Lynda Woodruff is a fictional character played by Swedish actress and singer Sarah Dawn Finer who took part in the 2009 Melodifestivalen, but also co-hosted the event in 2012.

Sarah Dawn Finer will join the show as a "EBU spokesperson" for three minutes with an entertaining monologue.

Grand Final

Love Love Peace Peace

What have we learned after 60 years of Eurovision songs? What makes a good song? What makes it memorable, and most important of all, what makes it win? All the data from 1956 to the present has been sent to a lab in Switzerland in an effort to find out just that...and here it is, boiled down to a three minute recipe. The perfect Eurovision song, the perfect winner.

Love Love Peace Peace is a bombastic parody number that tries to incorporate as many iconic and quirky ingredients into one song. So we have hamster wheels, Russian figure skaters, butter churners and old women baking bread. Then last, but not least we have some special guests on stage. Keep an eye out for 2009 winner Alexander Rybak as well as 2006 winner Lordi.

Grand Final

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The winner of the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Destiny Chukunyere from Malta will also join the hosts on stage for a minute. A 14-year-old star will share some thoughts about the contest and how her life changed after the victory in Bulgaria last year.

Grand Final

Interval Act

In today's rehearsal there is a short interview with a stand in for Justin Timberlake. We will see the real Justin Timberlake perform in the actual Grand Final, with two songs.

Best of Sweden

6th April marked a turning point in Swedish music history, not only did ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest, but Blue Swede rose to the top of the Billboard with Hooked On A Feeling (the first Swedish artist ever to do so). In this fast paced segment we have the story of the Swedish music industry, from the legends back in 1974 to the prodigies of today.

Grand Final

Start voting now

A quick reminder on how to vote in this year's contest, and the recap of all 26 songs appear on screen along with all those all important phone numbers for you to call or text, or vote by app. Remember you can' call up to 20 times though you can't vote for your own country!

Grand Final


Our two hosts appear now on the main stage, and introduce a short film.

From the UK television programme Vicious, we see award winning actors Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellan in their respective roles as Stuart and Freddie give us their take on this year's Eurovision Song Contest from the comfort of their sofa....and as usual not all their words are kind.


26 Armenia

A fan of road trips, Iveta loves travelling with her friends and hangout with them drinking wine and eating chocolate, She can be seen in the postcard, shot in Yerevan, making the traditional Armenian lavish bread.

Time for Iveta Mukuchyan from Armenia to take over the stage of the Globe Arena for the final song in the contest, with her hypnotic performance of LoveWave.

Iveta is dressed in a very sexy outfit body-styled in black with a cape.

United Kingdom

25 United Kingdom

Joe and Jake are representing the UK with the song You're Not Alone this year. And they are definitely alone on the stage while performing their entry as there some selfies projected on the backing screens, but also on the floor itself.

The two young singers gave a vocally sound performance this afternoon at the first Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final, and they both engage well with the cameras.

Both of the participated in the fourth series of the talent show The Voice UK and became a duo after the show ended.


24 Austria

Last year's host city of the Eurovision Song Contest, Vienna, is the location for Austria's postcard. There, the artist Zoë, can be seen dncing in front of the Neptune fountain and running around tha maze at Schönbrunn Palace.

Austria qualified from the First Semi-Final thanks to the sweet performance of Zoë, who is surrounded by flowers, nature and even snow in the backdrops of the stage during Loin d'Ici, the first song fully in French that represents the alpine country.


23 Georgia

Nika loves to make Georgian food, and the band are seeing enjoying Georgian dishes at a family barbecue with views over Tblisi, the capital of Georgia.

The Georgian stage act, which is directed by Sacha Jean-Baptiste, contains some real innovations for the Eurovision Song Contest: mirror effects and duplicated images of the band members on the TV screens during Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz' performance of Midnight Gold.

The act is shown using quick camera cuts and zooms, supported by flashing lights and animations, creating a psychedelic look and feel that sometimes resembles a kaleidoscope.


Young Georgian Lolitaz "on break"


22 Malta

Walk On Water is this year's Eurovision entry from Malta performed by Ira Losco. She wears a gold and black dress with a long train and there's some interaction with the dancer who is on stage with her.

Ira already took part in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 7th Wonder and ended second with only twelve points away from the title.

Losco confirmed that she is pregnant on mother's day after several online remarks on her appearance. She also revealed, when asked, that it is a boy.


21 Ukraine

For the next postcard we're taken to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Their performer, Jamala, likes the Mediterranean cuisine and oriental sweets.

Jamala is wearing the same blue outfit which she already wore last night in the Second Semi-Final, from where she qualified for the Final. Her song 1944 has a strong personal meaning for the artist and so her performance carries the strength and feeling required for it.


20 Latvia

The postcard for the Latvian entry was shot in Riga. Justs is a fan of skateboarding, especially with his seven year old brother. in the end shot we see one of Justs favourite places, the Boderaja lighthouse.

The scene for the Latvian stage act has the lighting restricted to black and white, with straight white lines crossing the middle of the stage. During the chorus, these lines dissolve and start pulsating, along with laser beams in the background.

Justs, who was wearing a black leather jacket, gives another secure performance this afternoon of Heartbeat, using strong gestures to convey the emotions of the song.

Grand Final

Green Room

Following the Spanish entry, we have a very brief break, as we cut to Petra Mede in the Green Room. There is a quick mention for the CD and the forthcoming release of the DVD, as well as some of the merchandise that is available, and of course Petra uses some humour with a joke about buying a strait jacket for those hardcore fans!


19 Spain

Another up-tempo Eurovision entry in the Grand Final. The song Say Yai! comes from Spain, and will be performed 19th by Madrid's singer-songwriter Barei. This is the first ever Spanish Eurovision entry that features no lyrics in Spanish. 

On the stage, Barei is wearing a shiny old-gold short dress, and different sport boots, all in black this time, perfect to perform her now popular feet moves. The Spanish singer is backed by four of her backing singers on stage.

There is a special moment during Barei's performance in which she falls down in stage: "We thought about it when recording the music video. You need to go for your dreams and failure can come any time, you don’t know when, and this fall on stage is a symbol, that it could happen right there," Barei explained.


18 Russia

We go on to Moscow, the capital of Russia. In the opening shot we see the artist, Sergey Lazarev, standing on the Red Square with both the Kremlin and Saint Basil's Cathedral in the background.

The lively performance of Russia also requires a huge screen being taken on stage where Sergey performs his amazing routine. The song You Are The Only One is written, among others, by the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and former Russian Eurovision participant Philip Kirkorov.


17 Croatia

When not singing, Nina writes her own music, plays the piano and dubs cartoons. She's also into tattoos, sports, video games and reading books, and she's also trying to build an enviable collection of vinyl records.

Nina Kraljić starts performing her entry Lighthouse in an elaborate grey dress with black patterns and a wide collar. Her backing singers then remove it, and her outfit will be transformed into a long white dress with feather applications, revealing her tattoo on her back.


16 Lithuania

Before a competing act number 16th, we see Donny Montell in Vilnius, as an avid basketball player and family man in the postcard.

On the Eurovision stage now and a blue light fills up the venue and Donny Montell starts right away with his choreography. He reaches his hand to the sky and continues with a spin. He is wearing a white leather jacket. Much of his choreography is based on presence with the camera and this year Lithuania also splurges out with pyros during the act.

A trampoline rolls up on stage and Donny makes a jump, (minus jacket) just before the up-beat part of the song, which culminates in a key change. 


15 Serbia

Belgrade, meaning 'White City', is the capital of Serbia and the location where their postcard has been filmed. Among other things we see the artist, Sanja Vučić ZAA, at Belgrade University where she studies Arabic.

Dressed fully in black Sanja gives a dramatic performance to convey the message of her song Goodbye (Shelter), about domestic violence, accompanied on stage by a dancer and four backing singers, with whom she qualified from the Second Semi-Final.


14 Cyprus

Nicosia is the setting for the Cypriot postcard. We see Minus One fooling around on Nissi Beach in Aiya Napa, seen as one of the best beaches in Europe. If they weren't professional musicians they say that they would probably make a living as chefs, engineers, photographers, martial art teachers or perhaps honey producers.

Minus One perform their pop-rock number Alter Ego. Some of the band musicians are caged in jails and some others join the lead singer, François, out on the stage. Lots of dry ice and fire filled the atmosphere and some shots in negative for the transitions.


13 Australia

Dami Im likes going to the beaches along the Gold Coast and she is a fan of nail art. That’s something you will find out while watching a video postcard from Australia.

As soon as her entry Sound Of Silence begins, Dami is seen lying across the top of a high box in the middle of the stage. There are transparent screens showing holograms around her. She's wearing a long white dress with some shiny crystals and open at the front.

"Australia is a huge fan of the Eurovision since the 80s. We are the furthest away, but we love the concept. I feel honored to be part of the contest," said Dami Im last night after the second Semi-Final.

Grand Final

Eurovision Party

During a short commercial break we go to the Eurovision Party that is being held at the Tele2 Arena that is next door to the Globe Arena, where Måns Zelmerlöw chats to some guests at the party.


12 Poland

For the 12th postcard we visit Warsaw, the capital of Poland. A big fan of rock music and riding on his bike, the artist Michał Szpak can be seen through Gdanski Bridge.

Bur for the Eurovision Song Contest Michał has gone for a tender ballad Color Of Your Life which qualified for the Final from last night's Second Semi-Final. For his strong rendition he is accompanied on stage by an all-female band: violin, piano and cello players.


11 France

Amir is standing in front of the Alexandre Bridge (Point Alexandre III) in Paris, and running of the steps of Montmarte and playing football on Esplanade des Invalides. Amir is a tech-savvy guy that likes fancy gadgets and beta testing programs.

Amir enters the stage in an elegant dark costume with a white shirt. The lightning and the background are well-thought-out creating a consistent atmosphere during the French act.

A moving universe with planets is shown in the background while the moon is displayed on the floor with Amir standing in the middle. The major colour on stage is blue with different shades. In the end of the performance the stage is lit up in the colours of the French flag.


10 Germany

Jamie-Lee represents Germany in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with Ghost. She is a big fan of Japanese street fashion, as her playful outfit in Decora-kei style shows. The stage design of the German act aims to create a fairytale-like setting for Jamie-Lee's entry.

There are modeled trees on the stage front sending out green laser beams, and more trees are shown on transparent projection screens behind them. On the LED backdrop, a rising full moon is depicted, and smoke effects are used to cover the stage floor.

Before the last chorus, Jamie-Lee proceeds via the catwalk to the satellite stage, where the camera first goes to a close-up and then moves to a wide shot. She is supported by four backing vocalists on the main stage.


09 Sweden

Ystad is Frans hometown in the South of Sweden. It is in his studio there that we meet the Swedish artist for his postcard and lastly hanging out with his friends at the beach.

Then we are introduced to the very simple staging of the number one hit If I Were Sorry, with just a light on Frans before a screen at the back shows some of the words in the lyrics and also some light shapes. Frans is wearing casual clothing and white sport shoes.


08 Bulgaria

In the postcard for Bulgaria, SVT  visited the artist’s grandparents in Koprivshtitsa, where they together eat traditional Bulgarian bread.

The stage concept for Poli's performance of If Love Was A Crime has been created by Swedish choreographer Ambra Succi, who worked with Milen Dankov from Bulgaria.

Poli's dress had LED applications on stockings, sleeves, earrings and shoulders, which are alight for the last chorus.


07 Israel

Next on the Eurovision stage is Hovi Star from Israel. All that you can see on the dark stage is a semblance of glittering crystals. But then when the song Made Of Stars starts, we finally get to see the performer being placed in the middle of a starry background with other star symbols being projected on the screen.

Wearing an all-black outfit he is accompanied on stage by two artists dancing in a hoop.

"When I was a kid, some people made my life a living hell. But I stayed the way I am. The message of my song is equality. Everybody is the same," said Hovi Star at the press conference after the second Semi-Final.


06 Italy

For the sixth entry we travel to Venice which is the setting of the Italian postcard. The artist Francesca Michielin was born in the region and the day of the filming had a temperature of 40C degree!

For the performance of her song No Degree Of Separation she is wearing the same outfit we already saw in last night's Semi-Final. The background has a tree and the whole stage resembles a garden with elements with which Francesca interacts throughout the song.


05 Hungary

We see Freddie in Budapest, standing in the Great Market Hall, the city's oldest and largest indoor market. in the end shot we see him standing on the riverbank of the Danube, the water dividing Buda and Pest.

Freddie has his trademark raspy voice when singing Pioneer. He is accompanied on stage by his three male backing singers and a drummer on stage. Freddie is wearing torn blue jeans and a white asymmetric top.


04 Azerbaijan

Samra from Azerbaijan will perform her entry Miracle, 4th in the Grand Final. She wears the same outfit: an all-gold, cross-hatched catsuit.

In Samra's performance, the powerful lighting fixtures movement along with solid pyro effects. With the scrupulous camera work nothing would distract the viewer from Samra’s appealing performance.The major colour for the Azeri entry is golden.

This year's Azeri entry is directed by Roine Söderlundh, who worked the Azerbaijani delegation in 2009.

The Netherlands

03 The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital city of The Netherlands introduces us to the third artist in the Grand Final, Douwe Bob, while he is horse riding, one of his favourite hobbies.

On stage though he wants to send a message of relax with his song Slow Down, a country pop track which is included in his new album Fool Bar. He qualified from the First Semi-Final and is wearing the same clothes for this rehearsal, a purple aubergine coloured suit and is accompanied by his guitar.

Czech Republic

02 Czech Republic

The postcard was filmed in Prague, and shows Gabriela standing on the famous Charles Bridge, finished in the 15th Century, with one of the bridge towers in the background.

Gabriela Gunčiková “stands” quite confident on the Eurovision stage while performing her song I Stand! She wears a long white dress. The floor LEDs and stage backdrop display pink patterns on a blue background, changing into raining flowers in the end.


01 Belgium

Laura Tesoro will be the first to perform in the Grand Final on Saturday. But before her stage performance, TV viewers will be able to see a 42-seconds long postcard from Belgium once again. Antwerp is known for its fashion industry. In the postcard Laura Tesoro can be seen working on her outfit for the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the performance of What’s The Pressure, the stage is filled with a 70s funky vibe and there are also two stands at the front of the stage used by the routine of the backing group.

Laura gives a confident performance full of energy and is wearing a shiny silver mini short with a matching jacket.

Grand Final

The Hosts

As soon as the flag parade ends, the hosts of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede will enter the stage and greet “the most respectful audience in the world”, millions of viewers and fans in Europe, Australia, but also in China and the United States.

Grand Final

Opening sequence

SVT carries on the recent tradition of having a flag presentation at the start of the contest, as we have a parade of the 26 finalists.

However, just to be different it isn't your ordinary flag parade, but an audio-visual bombardment, as there will are no physical flags, instead they are projected on 26 unique paper outfits worn by 26 dancers. The projections travel outwards in a burst of colour and fill the whole stage. All this is done to some Swedish electronic dance music, including Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Alesso and Galantis and rocks the whole arena.

Grand Final

The Grand Final contenders

1. Belgium: What's The Pressure sung by Laura Tesoro
2. Czech Republic: I Stand sung by Gabriela Gunčíková
3. The Netherlands: Slow Down sung by Douwe Bob
4. Azerbaijan: Miracle sung by Samra
5. Hungary: Pioneer sung by Freddie
6. Italy: No Degree Of Separation sung by Francesca Michielin
7. Israel: Made Of Stars sung by Hovi Star
8. Bulgaria: If Love Was A Crime sung by Poli Genova
9. Sweden: If I Were Sorry sung by Frans
10. Germany: Ghost sung by Jamie-Lee
11. France: J'ai cherché sung by AMir
12. Poland: Color Of Your Life sung by Michał Szpak
13. Australia: Sound Of Silence sung by Dami Im
14. Cyprus: Alter Ego sung by Minus One
15. Serbia: Goodbye (Shelter) sung by Sanja Vučić ZAA
16. Lithuania: I’ve Been Waiting For This Night sung by Donny Montell
17. Croatia: Light House sung by Nina Kraljić
18. Russia: You Are The Only One sung by Sergey Lazarev
19. Spain: Say Yai! sung by Barei
20. Latvia: Heartbeat sung by Justs
21. Ukraine: 1944 sung by Jamala
22. Malta: Walk On Water sung by Ira Losco
23. Georgia: Midnight Gold sung by Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz
24. Austria: Loin d'ici sung by ZOË
25. United Kingdom: You`re Not Alone sung by Jack and Joe
26. Armenia: LoveWave sung by Iveta Mukuchyan