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Kyiv, Ukraine

In this section you will find information relating to the respective selections of the 43 countries participating in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The 62nd edition of the competition will take place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, on 9th, 11th and 13th May.

Check out our calendar for all national selection dates and live streaming links.

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All the finalists in Spain have now been announced and revealed and you can listen to them courtesy of their broadcaster's, RTVE, page.

In the #Eurocasting final live show, LeKlein was declared the winner (pictured below) and thus will compete with her winning song Ouch!! in the Spanish national final in February.

LeKlein is the winner of the public competition but five more acts are invited by RTVE to participate in the final:

The acts:


Maika (40) will perform the rock song Momento Crítico (Critical Moment), written by by José Juan Santana and Rafael Artesero. Born in Reus, Maika became known after reaching The Voice final in 2012. She then released the single En sus manos and the album No Return, in 2013, in Spanish and English. In 2016 Maika launched the digital album New Perspective. She has also participated in several TV shows and has toured in Spain and in festivals abroad.


Manel Navarro

Manel Navarro (20) will participate with a pop song of his own, Do It For Your Lover. The young singer-songwriter from Sabadell, Manel, writes in English with acoustic or electronic arrangements, but always with his guitar. He started uploading covers in social media, and three years ago he excelled with his acoustic cover of Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home, and got to record the first song of his own, Brand New Day, and more recently his single Candle with Sony Music.


Mario Jefferson

Mario Jefferson (23) will participate in Objetivo Eurovisión with the pop song Spin My Head / Pierdo El Control, written by Chris Whale. Half-Spanish half-English, Mario was born in Costa del Sol but lives in Madrid and has big fanbase on social media networks. In 2008 he participated in X Factor and in 2010 in Operación Triunfo. He has published several singles like The Night I Forgot Your Name, Cadillac and Walk That Way.



Mirela (26) has a proposal called Contigo (With You), a latin pop song penned by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Isaac Luke and Ander Pérez. With more than twelve years of stage experience, Mirela has been a finalist in Spain both in the Junior and the Eurovision Song Contest before. Her works involve TV appearances, including a participation in The Voice, and in musicals such as The Lion King, Shrek and Peter Pan.


Paula Rojo

Paula Rojo (26) performs Lo Que Nunca Fue (What Never Was), a country-pop song written by herself along with Álvaro Bárcena. This young singer from Asturias became popular four years ago through her participation in The Voice where she got a deal with Universal Music. She has published singles and albums like Solo tú, Si me voy, Miedo a querer, Crecer para ver and Érase un sueño, as well as recording with Disney.



LeKlein (36), who has just won the final of #EuroCasting, will participate with Ouch!!, a latin electronic pop composition that she wrote with David Ascanio, Albert Neve and Abel Ramos. Behind LeKlein is Vanesa Cortés, a multitalented artist born in Toledo. In 2002, she won the newcomer award at the biggest music radio station in Spain, Los 40 Principales and, among her most outstanding works, is her residency as a singer at the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza. She has also been nominated several times as the best house vocalist in the Dj Mags, a prize she's won twice.


The #Eurocasting final

The #Eurocasting final on the RTVE website, in which LeKlein was declared the winner, brought together more than 20,000 unique users and was the most talked about event in social media becoming the number one trending topic worldwide. The presenters of the online show, Irene Mahía and Paloma G. Quirós, announced the overwhelming victory of LeKlein, who amassed 63.3% of the total votes over Javián with No Somos Héroes (21.7%) and Fruela with Live It Up (15%). You can watch the show on demand at the Spanish broadcaster's site.

Special guests in the show were Azúcar Moreno (pictured below), who represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1990 becoming one of the top Spanish acts after their participation. In the #Eurocasting final show they performed their Eurovision evergreen, Bandido.

(Photos by RTVE)


The second qualification of Lithuania's national selection "Eurovizijos dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka" have finished. Six out of the thirteen acts got through from tonights heat by jury and public voting.

The six qualifiers are:

  • Mia - Sacrifice
  • Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė - Love Shadow
  • Gabrielius Vagelis - Feel Free
  • Valdas Lacko - It's So Unfair
  • Ieva Zasimauskaitė - You Saved Me
  • E.G.O. - My Story

Tonight Hungary had their first heat in their national selection A dal. Six out of ten entries got through by two rounds of voting. After the first round these five acts qualified to the semi-finals:

  • Leander Kills - Élet
  • Roma Soul - Nyitva a ház
  • Viki Singh - Rain 
  • Spoon 21 - Deák 
  • Dávid Henderson - White Shadows
In the second round of voting it was time for the televoters to decide the sixth qualifier and it became:
  • Benji - Karcok  
The group Margaret Island performed as an interval act during the evening.

Latvian broadcaster LTV has announced the names of the artists and songs that will participate in Supernova 2017.

Anna Zankovska: Rage Love 

Crime Sea: Escape

Edgars Kreilis: We Are Angels 

First Question: Naked

Franco Franco:  Up

Katrīna Cīrule:  Blood Runs Quicker

Katrine Lukins: Silhouette 

Laura Lo pied. Chris Oak: Little Weird

Lauris Valters: Magic Years

Linda Leen: Who Is In Charge 

Markus Riva: Dynamite

Miks Dukurs: Spiritual Priest

Miks Galvanovskis: Runaway

My Radiant You: All I Know

Pikaso: U (Can Keep Your Cools)

Rock’n’Berries: Feel The Love

Santa Daņeļeviča: Your Breath

THE HiQ: Taju Ot Lyubvi

The Ludvig: I’m In Love With You

Toms Kalderauskis: We Won’t Back Down

Triana Park: Line

UP: One By One

The live shows will take place on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th February.


The Greek broadcaster ERT has revealed that the artist to represent Greece at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is Demy. Read more in our article about the Greek announcement.


The following acts will compete in the first heat of A Dal 2017 on Saturday 14th January:

  1. Benji: Karcok
  2. Calidora: Glory
  3. David Henderson: White Shadows
  4. Kata Csondor: Create
  5. Leander Kills: Élet
  6. Rocktenors: Ősz
  7. Roma Soul: Nyitva a ház
  8. Spoon21: Deák
  9. The Wings: Mint a hurrikán
  10. Viki Singh: Rain

More details are available on the website of A Dal 2017.


Tomorrow, Thursday 12th January, the 3 finalists of #Eurocasting, the open competition to become a part of Objetivo Eurovisión, the Spanish national Final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, will perform at the final concert.

LeKlein with Ouch!!, Fruela with Live It Up and Javian with No Somos Héroes (We're not heroes) will present their songs live in a special program to be streamed at 20:00 (CET) which you can watch live in the RTVE site

After the performances, a 15-minute voting period will open in which the public (only) will vote for their favorite candidate. You can do it for free through the RTVE website, or their official APP 'Eurovision RTVE.es', available for iOS and Android.

The concert, which will feature two tribute performances to the Eurovision Song Contest, will also include the official announcement of the artists names chosen internally by RTVE to compete in Objetivo Eurovisión in February. The chosen one tomorrow will join that list of internally selected names.  

#Eurocasting was born with the idea of ​​offering to artists and authors not linked to the major record companies in Spain, the possibility of taking part in the Eurovision process. You can listen to all of the songs in the #Eurocasting page.


Israel will continue to use the show Rising Star, the same format as 2016, to select its song for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will represent Israel in Ukraine. 

The following acts have qualified from the first three shows:

  • Yosef Gal
  • Helen
  • Yonit Zaidenberg
  • Yona Shabin 
  • Julietta 
  • Beatbox Element
  • Diana Golbi
  • Hallelujah (Halli) Lewis
  • Imri Ziv
  • Judy Layne
  • Lee Sabach
  • Osher Biton
  • Sapir Nahon
  • Ta-La-Te

New entries in A Dal 2017

New entrants have been selected for the Hungarian national selection, A Dal 2017. 

Chase is entering the competition with his song Dust in the wind and the Rocktenors are also participating with Ősz (Autumn). Chase is going to perform in the first heat of A Dal 2017 hosted by Hungarian Public Broadcaster Duna at 19:30 CET on 14th January. Chase replaces Jetlag who were unable to undertake the various obligations and commitments of A Dal 2017.

TheRocktenors will replace Szabyest who has been expelled from the contest for violating the rules. According to the official rulebook of A Dal 2017, the entries (including the lyrics and the music) must not have been published before the 1st of September 2016 (including live performances).

The contestants of A Dal 2017 will have the opportunity to take away various rewards at the end of A Dal 2017 including special awards for Best Lyrics and Best Newcomer. All the performers will introduce the unplugged version of their song in the so-called ‘Acoustic Contest’, the winner of which will perform at the Petőfi Music Awards at VOLT Festival 2017 and in the ‘Akusztik’ programme of Radio Petőfi. The winner of the finals taking place on 18th February will have the honour to represent Hungary at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.


The date approaches for Finland to choose its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. #UMK17 will be broadcast live from Espoo Metro Areena on the 28th of January, hosted by Krista Siegfrids, and you'll be able to follow it live at the UMK site.

The 10 contestants have also released preview videos of their participating shows and you can watch them all on this YouTube playlist.

In addition to the contestants, the show will feature as guest stars the Nordic sensation Marcus & Martinus and Finnish superstar Jenni Vartiainen, who returns to stage in UMK after a lenghty break.

The Finnish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen based on votes from viewers (given before and during the show) and the votes from international juries during the show, 50% each. Voting is only possible in Finland. Following a tradition from the previous years, the earnings from the voting will be donated to the Nose Day Foundation to be used to help children in developing countries.


Today Swedish broadcaster SVT revealed the running order for the upcoming national selection, Melodifestivalen.

Melodifestivalen 2017 comprises of six dates:

  • Semi-Final 1, 4th February: Gothenburg (Scandinavium)
  • Semi-Final 2, 11th February: Malmö (Malmö Arena)
  • Semi-Final 3, 18th February: Växjö (Vida Arena)
  • Semi-Final 4, 25th February: Skellefteå (Kraft Arena)
  • Andra Chansen (Second Chance round), 4th March: Linköping (Saab Arena)
  • Final, 11th March: Stockholm (Friends Arena)

SEMI-FINAL 1 - GÖTEBORG 4th February

  1. Boris René - Her Kiss
  2. Adrijana - Amare 
  3. Dinah Nah - One More Night
  4. De Vet Du - Road Trip
  5. Charlotte Perrelli - Mitt liv
  6. Ace Wilder - Wild Child
  7. Nano - Hold On

SEMI-FINAL 2 - MALMÖ 11th February

  1. Mariette - A Million Years
  2. Roger Pontare - Himmel och hav
  3. Etzia - Up 
  4. Allyawan - Vart haru varit 
  5. Dismissed - Hearts Align
  6. Lisa Ajax - I Don’t Give A
  7. Benjamin Ingrosso - Good Loovin' 

SEMI-FINAL 3 - VÄXJÖ 18 February

  1. Robin Bengtsson - I Can’t Go On
  2. Krista Siegfrids - Snurra min jord 
  3. Anton Hagman - Kiss You Goodbye
  4. Jasmine Kara - Gravity
  5. Owe Thörnqvist - Boogieman Blues
  6. Bella & Filippa - Crucified
  7. The Fooo Conspiracy - Gotta Thing 


  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia - En värld full av strider 
  2. Alice - Running with Lions 
  3. Les Gordons - Bound To Fall 
  4. Wiktoria - As I Lay Me Down 
  5. Axel Schylström - När ingen ser 
  6. Sara Varga & Juha Mulari - Du får inte ändra på mig
  7. Loreen - Statements

Lithuania’s first round of qualifications in their national selections Eurovizijos dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka started today. This was the first out of four elimination heats, which saw six entries qualify for the next round. The six acts that made it are:

  • Edgaras Lubys performing Could It Be? (12 points)
  • Sasha Song performing Never Felt Like This Before (10 points)
  • Paula Valentaitė performing Never Let You Go (8 points)
  • Golden Monkeys performing Septyni dievai (7 points)
  • Otreya performing Last Two Weeks (6 points)
  • Benas Malakauskas performing Rolling (6 points)

The qualifiers were decided by a mixture of professional juries and public votes. Watch the full show again.

The next heat takes place on Saturday evening, more information is available on the website of broadcaster LRT


Today German broadcaster NDR announced the names of the finalists for its upcoming national selection, Eurovision Song Contest - Unser Song 2017. The five performers beat off competition from 2000 other applicants and have been nominated by national and internationally successful producers.

The acts:

Axel Maximilian Feige

Axel is 28 and lives in Hamburg where he works as a freelance musician. As a child he learned to play the bassoon, piano, guitar and taught himself to play the bass. At the age of 15 Axel founded his first band, currently playing with the band Absolem Max and Diazpora. Their new album will be released in mid-February.


(Photograph: NDR)

Felicia Lu Kürbiß

Felicia, 21, comes from Freilassing. She plays the piano and currently works as a songwriter. She calls her musical direction electro-pop. Every week she publishes videos on YouTube and already has experience with casting shows having taken part in the final of Rising Star in 2014.


(Photograph: NDR)

Helene Nissen

Helene is 20 and comes from from Hollingstedt and is still studying. She has gained stage experience with the broadcaster NDR and has appeared on Travemünder Woche. She plays the guitar and plays at concerts with her brother.


(Photograph: NDR)

Isabella "Levina" Lueen

Isabella is 25 and lives in Berlin. She is currently studying Music Management at the London College of Music. Levina writes soul and pop songs, she received singing and piano lessons at the age of nine, and played in children's musicals until her 16th birthday. She regularly plays in bars with her band.


(Photograph: NDR)

Wilhelm "Sadi" Richter

Wilhelm is 19 years old and lives in Dortmund. He studied composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. Sadi is a jazz musician, plays the piano, bass and drums, and sings in clubs. As a fifteen-year-old, he was singing trainer for a television show presented by Sylvie Meis, a popular television personality in Germany.

About the show

The German national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Thursday 9th February 2017. The three-hour show will feature a jury panel comprising three of Germany's most popular musicians: Tim Bendzko, Florian Silbereisen, and Lena, Germany's most recent Eurovision winner. Each judge will give an opinion during the live show but will not be able to vote. Germany's representative in Kyiv will be chosen solely by the TV viewers through televoting and the official Eurovision app. For the first time ever, the German national selection will feature a European ‘mood barometer’ where fans from across Europe can express their preferred choice for Kyiv.

Each of the participants will perform songs that have been commissioned specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest. The candidates were selected by the German broadcaster NDR and production company Raab TV as well as musical experts including the musical director of The Heavytones, Wolfgang Dalheimer.

Thomas Schreiber, Director of Entertainment at NDR said: “Our team is delighted. During the German national selection, we will present five exciting candidates who have convinced us with their performances in intensive studio sessions. Each of the acts are very different and I am curious about who the audience will choose”.

The live show will be broadcast live from Cologne on Thursday 9th February at 20:15 CET and will be hosted by Barbara Schöneberger. Tickets for Eurovision Song Contest - Unser Song 2017 have now sold out but there are still tickets for the dress rehearsals. More information can be found on the official website. The winner will represent Germany in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv in May.


A whopping 51 songs will compete in the Lithuanian nation selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The first show will be broadcast on Saturday 7th January and will feature the following 12 acts:

1 Justin3 Streets of Vilnius
2 Rūta Andruškevičiūtė The Way to Your Heaven
3 Paula Valentaitė Never Let You Go
4 Vilius Krivickas Septyni dievai
5 Augustė Vedrickaitė It's Not Over (Not to Me)
6 Sasha Song Never Felt Like This Before
7 Dagna Kondratavičiūtė Feel It
8 Audrius Petrauskas Shine Like Gold
9 Benas Malakauskas Rolling
10 Tadas Rimgaila & Samanta Tīna Tavo oda
11 Otreya Last Two Weeks
12 Edgaras Lubys Could It Be?

Artsvik has won the the Armenian national final, Depi Evratesil (To Eurovision). The singer was chosen through a combination of votes from a jury panel and a public SMS vote. The ambitious search for Armenia's next Eurovision Song Contest participant was launched in the summer and featured four stages which took place over three months. 


Slavko Kalezić will represent Montenegro in 2017 with the song Space. His song will be revealed at a later date.


The winner of the 55th Festivali i Këngës was Lindita, who will go on to represent Albania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Read more on our article about her victory.


Bulgarian National Television has launched a call for co-producers and labels who would like to submit potential projects for Eurovision 2017. 

Candidates can be production companies or professional teams. They need to submit a comprehensive proposal, including a song demo, proposed artist/s, concept of stage presentation of the song, draft budget and partial funding that the company or the production team is ready to invest.

The deadline to apply is 20 January. The projects received will be judged by an internal commission at BNT, representatives of the music industry and international focus group of Eurovision experts. All 3 groups will decide the winner.


  • For co-producers/labels: At least 3 public projects produced in the last 2 years. Experience in artist management. This should be backed with a presentation.
  • For the artists: Bulgarian citizenship, proven stage experience in live singing and performing. Short biography and photos.
  • For the song: Must comply with general Eurovision Song Contest rules, at last partial Bulgarian involvement in the production. Audio submission should be in .wav or mp3 format.
  • For the stage concept: Short description of the staging including visual examples - videos, photos, story boards, number of artists on-stage, costumes, choreography, and LED backdrops.

All the projects should be submitted in full to [email protected] (max. 3MB). The proposals should include a brief letter containing a list of submitted documents and media, to be filed at the registry of BNT, San Stefano str. 29, Sofia.

For any additional questions contact Joana Levieva-Sawyer at [email protected]


The 3 finalists of #Eurocasting, the open competition to become a part of the Spanish national Final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, were revealed to be:

  • LeKlein - Ouch!! (9 points)
  • Fruela - Live It Up (8 points)
  • Javian - No Somos Héroes (We're not heroes) (7 points)

These 3 songs have been the top voted ones by a 7-member professional jury made of: Juan Magán (president), producer, author and singer; Pascual Osa, composer and conductor; Guille Milkyway (La Casa Azul), producer, author and singer; Sheila Blanco, singer, author and teacher of vocal technique; Pepe Herrero, composer and conductor; Sebastián Alonso, director of the site Jenesaispop; and David Feito (ESDM), singer, author and producer.

Each of them awarded 1, 2 and 3 points to their favourite songs. Brequette and Nicky Triphook got 6 points each, Pedro Elipe and Nieves Hidalgo got 2 points, Romy Low and Rebeca Moss got 1 point and Nito 0 points. You can listen to all of the songs in the #Eurocasting page.

The finalists will present their song live in a special program to be streamed on the 12th of January through the RTVE website. The public, only, will decide on the winner who will become a participant in Objetivo Eurovisión, the Spanish national final in February 2017.


Georgian national final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Friday 20th January. The show will be broadcast live from Tbilisi's Philharmonic Concert Hall.

25 acts will compete for the right to represent Georgia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will be decided by a combination of professional juries and public votes.  


Ukraine - national final to be held on 25th February

Ukrainian broadcaster has confirmed that the semi-finals in their national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be held on 4th, 11th, 18th February with the final taking place on 25th February.

As with last year, the winner will be decided by a combination of jury and public votes. NTU also unveiled the jury for 2017:

  • Konstantin Meladze – Composer and producer
  • Jamala – singer-songwriter, winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine
  • Andriy Danylko – comedian and singer, represented Ukraine in 2007 as the drag artist Verka Serduchka.

Newcomer Nathan Trent will represent Austria at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Austrian broadcaster ORF opted for an internal selection for 2017. The team, together with music-experts Eberhard Forcher and Christof Straub, scouted within the young Austrian music scene. Nathan was invited to submit a song and convinced ORF to select him for Kyiv. Nathan's song will be published in February. Find out more about Nathan.


Brendan Murray will represent Ireland in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Louis Walsh will head the search for the song that Brendan will sing in Kyiv. Find out more about Brendan in our full article about the announcement.


Two more qualifiers in Armenia

Armenia's search for a Eurovision entry went up a gear tonight as two more acts qualified for the final next week:

  • Artsvik performing Crazy
  • Marta performing Popuri

Tonight's show used an international jury headed by the man behind Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Christer Björkman.

The final of Depi Evratesil will take place on 24th December.

United Kingdom

News from Eurovision: You Decide HQ!

The BBC announced today that the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak, will perform on the UK national selection, Eurovision: You Decide, on 27th January at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London.

Tickets are available to buy and aren’t geo-locked so fans, anywhere in the world, can get tickets! – go to bbc.co.uk/Eurovision for all the details. 

Eurovision: You Decide will air at 7.30pm on BBC Two. Mel Giedroyc will be presenting live from London’s world-famous Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith and it’s set to be a nail biting night of performances as six songs battle it out for the chance to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Kyiv. 

The BBC will release the names of more guests in the next few weeks so look out for more announcements soon!


The 10 qualifiers of #Eurocasting, the open competition to become a part of the Spanish national Final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, have been revealed:

  • Brequette - No Enemy
  • Fruela - Live It Up
  • Javian - No Somos Héroes (We're not heroes)
  • LeKlein - Ouch!!
  • Nicky Triphook - Daddy's Little Girl
  • Nieves Hidalgo - Esclava (Slave)
  • Nito - Luna (Moon)
  • Pedro Elipe - Del Dolor (From the pain)
  • Rebeca Moss - Volver Por Ti (Come back for you)
  • Romy Low - In Love

You can listen to all of the songs in the #Eurocasting page. These 10 songs have been the top voted ones by the -more than 55,000 unique- internet users and proceed now to the next stage where a professional jury, whose president is Top Spanish act Juan Magán, will choose the 3 finalists from the open competition.

The finalists will be revealed next Tuesday 20th December and will present their song live in a special program to be streamed on the 12th of January through the RTVE website. The public, only, will decide on the winner that will become a participant in Objetivo Eurovisión, the Spanish national final in February 2017.

United Kingdom

Tickets for the UK national selection, Eurovision: You Decide, are on sale and for the first time people outside the UK can buy them. More details on the website of the BBC.


Georgia - final shortlist revealed

The finalists in the Georgian national selection have been revealed by Georgia's Public Broadcaster. Further details can be found on the official website. The exact date of the Georgian national selection will be announced in the coming weeks. The winner will be decided by a combination of jury and public votes.  

1. Nanuka Giorgobiani, Let The Sunshine In (composer - Edisher Lomadze)

2. Giorgi Čikovani, Make it Right (composer - Giorgi Čikovani)

3. Davit Šanidze, Mtveris Katsi (composer -Davit Šanidze)

4. Trio Mandili - You and Me, (composer - Vadim estermani, Rostislav maslovichi)

5. Elene Mikiašvili - Fighter (composers - Ylva and Linda Persson)

6. Andria Gvelesiani - Revolutionise (composer - Laghidze)

7. The Mins - Crime (composer - Zviad Mgebrishvili)

8. Alisa Danelia - We Are Eternity (composer - Alice Danelia)       

9. Rati Durglišvili - Why (composer - Rati TV)

10. Brandon Stone & Eter Beriašvili - Heyo Song (composer - Brandon Stone)

11. Tornike Kipiani & Giorgi Bolotašvili - You Are My Sunshine (composer - Tornike Kipiani)

12. EOS - Urban Signs (composers - George Kochoradze & Gedevan levlishvili)

13. Dima Kobešavidze - Scream (composer - Dima Kobešavidze)

14. Malibu - We Live Once (composer - Malibu)

15. Asea Sool - Nature (composer - Asea Sool)

16. MISHO - Magic (composer - MISHO)

17. Tako Gachechiladze, Keep the Faith (composer - Tako Gachechiladze)

18. Oto Nemsadze & Limbo, Dear God (composer - Beso nemsadze)

19. Mary Chachkhiani, Fly (composer - John Titirashvili)

20. Nutsa Buzaladze, White Horses Run (composers - Andy Vitolo and John King)

21. Sparkle, On The Top (composer - Aleko Berdzenishvili)

22. Nino Basharuli, Lile (Lileo) (composer - Nino Basharuli)

23. Temo Sajaia, All The Same (composer - Temo Sajaia)

24. Mariko Lejava, Light it Up (composer - Beat Hardy)

25. Sabina Chantouria, Stranger (Music and Lyrics - Sabina Chanturia)

Earlier this year Georgia won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for a record third time.


Portugal launches ambitious search for 2017 Eurovision entry

The final of Festival da Canção 2017 will take place on Sunday 5th March. 2017 also marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of the broadcaster's first channel, RTP1 which began transmissions in 1957. The national final will include an celebration gala marking this anniversary in the same show on 5th March. 

This year RTP invited 16 renowned composers to compose, write and produce the 16 competing songs. The choice of the singer is also their responsibility.

There will be two semi finals with eight songs each, four songs will proceed to the final. The results will be decided by a 50/50 combination of jury and televote. Eight songs will compete in the final in total. 

The dates:

  • Semi final 1 - Sunday 19th February, RTP1
  • Semi final 2 - Sunday 26th February, RTP1
  • Final of Festival da Canção 2017 - Sunday 5th March, RTP1

Portugal will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time since 2015.


The following acts have qualified for the next round of the Armenian national selection, Depi Evratesil.

  • Marta
  • Egine 
  • Suzanna Melkonyan 
  • Artsvik 

The acts were selected by a professional jury and televiewers. For further details visit the website of Armenia's broadcaster AMPTV.


The ambitious national selection in Armenia is underway. Tonight at 19:00 CET six artists - Marta, Artsvik, Egine, Syuzanna Melkonyan , Lucy and Vahe Aleksanyan will compete in the first semi-final of Armenian national selection, Depi Evratesil. A professional jury and televiewers will select the best four artists for the second semi-final which takes place next Saturday.

You can watch the livestream on the website of Armenia's broadcaster AMPTV


A Dal 2017 - Hungary announces national selection

30 songs were selected to compete in A Dal 2017 - the official Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The songs, their performers and the jury members were introduced at a press conference on 8th December in a club in downtown Budapest.

The first heat of A Dal 2017 will be broadcast on 14th January 2017 leading to the final which will take place on 18th February. The show will be hosted by Hungarian Public Broadcaster Duna TV, and the winning song will be decided by a combination of jury and public votes. 

The contestants will have the opportunity to take away various rewards at the end of A Dal 2017 including awards for Best Lyrics and Best Newcomer. All the performers will introduce the unplugged version of their song in the so-called ‘Acoustic Contest’ the winner of which will perform at the Petőfi Music Awards at VOLT Festival 2017. The winner of the show will have the honour to represent Hungary at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The jury

Photograph: Soós Lajos

Ferenc Molnár Caramel was revealed as a new member of the jury for A Dal 2017. When asked about the differences in judging the performances of A Dal 2017 to other competitions, he said:

"The biggest difference is the fact that in A Dal we aren’t expressing an opinion about the performer but rather about the song itself. The voice of the artist is important – but the melody and the creativity play a much more important role here. If you ask me, I’d like to find today’s hit song. I had been a jury member in various talent shows and I can’t wait for A Dal to begin. It’s an electrifying task as you have to listen to the songs in a slightly different way. The voice is significant of course, but at the end of the day it’s just another instrument of delivering the message. And it is the message that I go for. That being said, an outstanding voice is a treasure indeed – so we will keep our ears open. At this point I am quite sure that the next edition of A Dal will be amazing. The competitors will blow your mind; the songs are simply top notch. I’m sure that the show will be very exciting. And in the finale we will find the song that will be a worthy representative of Hungary on international level – a song that will be engraved in all our hearts". 

Members of the jury: 

  • Adrienn Zsédenyi Zséda (award-winning singer)
  • Miklós Both (award-winning composer/guitarist/singer)
  • Károly Frenreisz (founder of the legendary LGT and Skorpió, a legend of Hungarian rock music)
  • Ferenc Molnár Caramel (award-winning singer)

 Participants of A Dal 2017

  • Benji: Karcok (Music: Zsolt Szepesi, Huy Le Quang, Gyárfás Máté, Lyrics: Gábor Budai, Gyárfás Máté)
  • Olivér Berkes: Háttérzaj (Music: Marcell Závodi, Lyrics: Marcell Závodi, Gábor Závodi)
  • Calidora: Glory (Music: Dóra Oberritter, Zsolt Szepesi, Lyrics: Dóra Oberritter, Attila Baross)
  • Kata Csondor: Create (Music: Kata Csondor, Roland Balogh, Lyrics: Péter Mihola)
  • The Couple: Vége van (Music and lyrics: Gábor Berkó)
  • Kyra Fedor: Got to be a day (Music: Kyra Fedor, Csaba Nemes, Lyrics: Balázs Janky)
  • David Henderson: White Shadows (Music: David Henderson, Dávid Tóth, Péter Ferencz Peet, Lyrics: David Henderson)
  • Jetlag: Keresem a bajt (Music and Lyrics: Tamás Molnár)
  • Peter Kovary & The Royal Rebels: It's a riot (Music and Lyrics: Péter Zsolt Kővári)
  • Kállay Saunders Band: 17 (Music: András Kállay, Zsolt Szepesi, Ádám Tóth, Lyrics: András Kállay)
  • Gina Kanizsa: Fall like rain (Music: Petra Várallyay, Lyrics: Petra Várallyay, Katus Várallyay)
  • AnnaElsa feat Juli Kása: Jártam (Music and Lyrics: Anna Elza Garay)
  • Leander Kills: Élet (Music and Lyrics: Leander Köteles)
  • Mrs. Columbo: Frozen King (Music: Dorina Galambos, Dániel Somogyvári, Katalin Héjja, Lyrics: Dorina Galambos)
  • Zoltán Mujahid: On my own (Music: Zoltán Mujahid, Lyrics: Johnny K. Palmer)
  • Enikő Muri: Jericho (Music and Lyrics: Sebastian Arman, Joachim Persson)
  • Benjámin Pál: Father's eyes (Music: Zoltán Tóth G., Lyrics: Péter Halász)
  • Joci Pápai: Origo (Music: József Pápai, Lyrics: József Pápai)
  • Peet Project: Kill your monster (Music: Péter Ferencz, Olivér Magán, Lyrics: Dávid Henderson)
  • Gigi Radics: See It Through (Music: Georgina Radics, Tamás Radics, Lyrics: Zoltán Riba, Johnny K. Palmer)
  • Roma Soul: Nyitva a ház (Music: István Farkas, Lyrics: Tamás Pajor)
  • Orsolya Sapszon: Hunyd le szemed (Music: Bálint Sapszon, Lyrics: Dóra Csenki, Orsi Sapszon)
  • Viki Singh: Rain (Music: Szabolcs Harmath, Lyrics: Angelika Iványi)
  • Soulwave: Kalandor (Music: Máté Fodor, Ádám Huszár, Gábor Góczán, Ferenc Szabó, Lyrics: Máté Fodor)
  • Spoon21: Deák (Music and Lyrics: Péter Földesi, Márton Grósz, Miklós Adrián Nagy, Kristóf Teremy)
  • Ádám Szabó: Together (Music: Dániel Somogyvári, Ádám Szabó, Lyrics: Kata Kozma)
  • Szabyest: Szerelem kell (Music and Lyrics: Szabolcs Achilles Szabó)
  • The Wings: Mint a hurrikán (Music and Lyrics: Balázs Szobolits)
  • Andi Tóth: I've got a Fire (Music: Johnny K. Palmer, Dániel Somogyvári, Lyrics: Johnny K. Palmer)
  • TOTOVA: Hosszú idők (Music: Gabriella Tóth TOTOVA, Tibor Molnár, Begi Lotfi, Dávid Nagy, Lyrics: Tibor Molnár)

András Kállay-Saunders finished fifth in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Running. An app for A Dal 2017 will be available. For further information check out the official homepage of A Dal 2017.

United Kingdom

Supernova 2017, the Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Sunday 26th February. 

The Latvian broadcaster, Latvijas Televīzija, announced that streaming from Spotify will be included in the voting during the final of Supernova 2017. The addition is a reflection of the move from physical music sales to downloads and streaming. 

Petri Mannonen, Commercial Director, Universal Finland said, "Supernova partnering up with Spotify is an innovative approach to include digital music consumption in the selection process. It makes sense – as the more popular a track becomes within Spotify the more potential it will have to succeed". 

Przemek Pluta, Strategy and Operations Lead for Universal in CEE and Baltics added, "We are super excited to work together with the  Supernova show. Spotify is booming and is the main source of music for many (young) people in Latvia. It will be the first time that we give data on music consumption back to the audience of the Eurovision qualifications show".


For the first time ever there will be a grand reveal of all participating entries in the national selection of Estonia, Eesti Laul. The entries for the first semi-final will be revealed tomorrow, 8th of December, beginning at 9:00 (CET). One song will be revealed every hour until the final song from the first semi-final is revealed at 18:00 (CET).

This will then be repeated next week, on the 15th of December with the songs from semi-final 2. All the songs will be made available on the Eesti Laul website where you can tune in for your chance to hear the songs that will compete to be the Eesti Laul winner that will represent Estonia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.


Earlier this year Switzerland announced its new national selection format and now the six acts hoping to represent the country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest have been unveiled:

Freschta Gold  
Ginta Biku Cet Air La  
Michèle Two Faces  
Nadya The Fire in the Sky  
Shana Pearson Exodus  
Timebelle Apollo

The Swiss national selection will take place on Sunday 5th February 2017. For details and to listen to the entries go to the website of the Swiss broadcaster SRF. 


Jazz singer Diana Hajiyeva has been announced as Azerbaijan's representative in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Diana previously participated in the Azeri national selection in 2011 and was a backing singer for Samra in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

More details expected soon!


EMA 2017 participants announced 

Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO has revealed the names of the acts competing for the right to represent Slovenia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. 

After seven years, the EMA selection contest, the Slovenian national selection for Eurovision, returns to Ljubljana's Gospodarsko Razstavišče Exhibiton and Conference Centre. All three events will be broadcast live: two preliminary contests on 17th and 18th February 2017, with the final event on Friday 24th February. The Slovenian representative at the Eurovision 2017 contest will be chosen by an expert jury and by the spectators and listeners.

The artists (in alphabetical order)

1st preliminary contest

Amaya (Maja Keuc)

King Foo

Lea Sirk

Nika Zorjan

Omar Naber

Sell Out

Tosca Beat


2nd preliminary contest



Ina Shai

Kataya & Duncan Kamakana

Nuša Drašček


Tim Kores Kori

United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko

Maja Keuc and Omar Naber represented Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 and 2005 respectively.

About the show

The expert selection jury consists of four members: ManuElla, singer, music author, and this year's Slovenian representative at the Eurovision Song contest; Boštjan Grabnar, musician, music author, and music producer, Jernej Vene, music editor at Val 202, and Aleksander Radić, the EMA – Eurovision Song 2017 project editor. 

At each of the two preliminary rounds, eight songs will be performed. Four songs will qualify for the finals: the two best placed with televoters and the two judged the best by the expert jury. In the final round the best eight songs will be performed.

The winner will be decided by the 6 regional expert juries and televoting. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points will be given to the best six songs by each of the juries, and 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 points will be given to six best songs according to the televote. The ratio between the televote and the juries is 50/50.

Tickets go on sale on 12th December. For more information visit the official website and follow the official social media networks on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (emaevrovizija).


Spanish broadcaster, RTVE, revealed yesterday the 30 songs selected to participate in #Eurocasting, the next step in the open competition of the 2017 Eurovision national selection of Spain. The voting is open from today on, at the RTVE website where users will have ten days, until the 12th of December at 12:00, to vote for their favorite artists / songs.

The songs are in a wide variety of styles and artists, ranging from alternative proposals, to reggeaton and pop. The artists include well-known faces related to Spanish national selections, like 2014 runner-up Brequette or Javi Soleil from D'NASH (Spain 2007) as well as young talents from casting shows, YouTube sensations or unusual proposals for Spain in the song contest.

The 10 most voted songs by the internet users will go to the next stage where a professional jury will choose the 3 finalists from the open competition. The finalists will present their song in a special program to be streamed in January through the RTVE website. The public will decide on the winner that will become a participant in Objetivo Eurovisión, the Spanish national final in February 2017.


Swedish broadcaster SVT has released the names of the artists participating in Melodifestivalen 2017. The list includes previous Eurovision Song Contest winners Charlotte Perrelli and Loreen. Check out the full list.


Belarussian broadcaster BTRC has released the list of finalists for the 2017 national selection which will be held on 25th January. 

  • Aleksandra Tkach - Be Stronger
  • Anastasiya Sheverenko - We’ll Be Together
  • Angelica Pushnova - We Should Be Together
  • Isaac Nightingale - On The Red Line
  • Kattie - Wild Wind
  • Lermont x Julic - Heartbeat
  • Napoli - Let’s Come Together
  • Navi Band - Historyja majho zyccia
  • Nikita Khodas - Voice In My Head
  • Nuteki - Take My Heart
  • PROvokatsiya Group - My Love
  • Vladislav Kurasov - Follow The Play
  • Yuliya Korenyuk - Children Of The World

Tomorrow, Wednesday 30th of November, the Swedish broadcaster, SVT, will release the song titles and the name of the artists participating in their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen 2017, at a press conference at 09:30 CET.

The press conference will be live streamed on SVT Play and Melodifestivalen's Facebook.

The competition will take place over six Saturday evening shows between the 4th of February and the 11th of March 2017 and 28 songs will participate to become Sweden's entry in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. All six shows will be hosted by Clara Henry, David Lindgren and Hasse Andersson.

The Melodifestivalen 2017 Tour comprises of six dates:

  • Semi-Final 1, 4th February: Gothenburg (Scandinavium)
  • Semi-Final 2, 11th February: Malmö (Malmö Arena)
  • Semi-Final 3, 18th February: Växjö (Vida Arena)
  • Semi-Final 4, 25th February: Skellefteå (Kraft Arena)
  • Andra Chansen (Second Chance round), 4th March: Linköping (Saab Arena)
  • Final, 11th March: Stockholm (Friends Arena)

SVT has received 2,478 entries to be taken into consideration for Melodifestivalen 2017. It's an increase of 28 entries from those received the previous year.


Ten acts will take part in the Finnish national selection, UMK'17, broadcaster YLE has revealed. The final of the show will take place on Saturday 28th January. Read more about the line-up here. 


Ellie Delvaux, now known as Blanche, will represent Belgium in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest broadcaster RTBF announced today. The singer previously took part in the fifth season of The Voice Belgium and has co-written her entry for Kyiv with singer-songwriter Pierre Dumoulin. The song that Blanche will perform will be unveiled at a later date. Read more about the announcement.

After announcing that Krista Siegfrids will be the host of their national selection now it's time for the Finnish broadcaster, YLE, to announce its participants. The acts that will take part in UMK'17 will be revealed at a press conference tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd of November, starting at 12:00 CET. It will be streamed live on YLE's Eurovision page, and also on UMK's official Facebook and YouTube channel.
For 2017 Finland will only have one huge UMK show taking place on Saturday the 28th of January at the Espoo Metro Areena and, in addition to the 10 contestants that will be announced tomorrow, the show will feature special guests!
There will be 30 minute pre-shows recorded during the rehearsals every day from Thursday to Saturday to be hosted by Mikko Silvennoinen and will include backstage footage and interviews. Music videos will be shot for each contestant. These videos will be online at the official UMK page on December 28th. And from Wednesday afternoon there will be lyric videos from all contestants on the same page as well as on the UMK YouTube channel.
F.Y.R. Macedonia

Jana Burceska will represent FYR Macedonia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. As in 2016, Macedonian broadcaster MKRTV opted for an internal selection. Jana took part in the first season of Macedonian Idol and in 2011 she took on the role of UNICEF ambassador where she campaigned against violence in schools. She has participated in Skopje Fest, one of the biggest musical events in the country, and a show which has previously been used as a national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Jana's song for Kyiv will be announced at a later date. 

Krista Siegfrids (Finland 2013) will host the Finnish national selection next year, UMK 2017!
In the fun video below you can see Krista's "political" side and, if you can't speak Finnish, we can hint you that there will be only one UMK show next year. That final will take place at Metro Areena in Espoo (next to Helsinki) on the 28th of January. All the proceeds from the televoting during the UMK final will once again go to charity.
The info about the participating artists and songs will be released on the 23rd of November at 12:00 CET.

Krista Siegfrids will host the Finnish national selection next year, UMK 2017


Estonia has announced the participants for their national selection next year, Eesti Laul 2017. Its producer, Mart Normet, confirmed the artists that will perform in the shows. An expert jury narrowed the record-breaking 242 submitted entries to just 20 semi-finalists.

Among the performers we find several Eurovision Song Contest veterans such as Ivo Linna (1996), Koit Toome (1998), Laura (2005), Lenna Kuurma (Switzerland 2005) and Elina Born (2015) as well as Eesti Laul hopefuls from previous years like Daniel Levi, Liis Lemsalu or Kerli.

The semi-finals of Eesti Laul 2017 will be held on the 11th and 18th of February. The final will be held on the 4th of March at Saku Suurhall in Tallinn and the tickets to attend it are already on sale at Piletilevi.


Lithuania has launched its national selection for 2017. Artists and songwriters from across Lithuania are invited to submit prospective entries, the deadline is 1st December 2016. Further details can be found on the website of LRT. Lithuania's Donny Montell finished 9th in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with his song I've Been Waiting For This Night. 

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is holding a national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, following the same format used in 2016. As last year, all public entries will be carefully considered and shortlisted by a representative panel of official UK Eurovision Fan Club (OGAE UK) members. At the same time, entries are also being sought from leading professional songwriters, with guidance from Record Industry Executive and Music Consultant for the BBC, Hugh Goldsmith.

Guy Freeman, Editor, BBC Special Events and Formats said, "This is the moment for anyone who passionately believes they've written an outstanding song that could win over the hearts and minds of millions of European TV viewers and professional juries, to go for it and submit their entry". The shortlist and further announcements will be released in the coming months.


GPB Announces National Selection for 2017

Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) has launched national selection to find the Georgian representative for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Professional singers including solo artists and groups from across Georgia can take part in the national contest. Artists have until 7th December to send GBP their prospective entries as well as a photograph and CV.  

The winner in the national final will represent Georgia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. 


Cyprus has become the first country to announce its act for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest! Hovig will take to the stage in Kyiv with a song written by esteemed Swedish composer Thomas G:son!

Hovig, who is a Cypriot performer of Armenian origin, was selected internally by Cypriot broadcaster, CyBC, which also confirmed its participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Hovig is 27 years old and participated in X Factor Greece in 2009, the same year that Evi Adamou, Cyprus' representative in Eurovision 2012, took part.

Last year Minus One represented Cyprus in Stockholm with the song Alter Ego, which qualified for the final, and was also written by Thomas G:son. The composer has been responsible for several Eurovision Song Contest entries including Euphoria, Loreen's winning song for Sweden in 2012. He has also composed entries for Georgia, Spain and Denmark as well as two Swedish entries for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.  

Hovig's song for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be released at a later date. He participated in the Cypriot national selection in both 2010 and 2015. The singer recorded a special video announcing his participation, check it out below!

The Netherlands

Girl group O'G3NE will represent the Netherlands at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, broadcaster AVROTROS has announced. Although the timing of the announcement came as a surprise, Dutch media have already been speculating about the group's participation since summer.

The three sisters - Lisa (22) and twins Amy and Shelly Vol (21) - are not entirely new to the Eurovision world; in 2007 they represented the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Adem In, Adem Uit (Breath In, Breath Out), finishing 11th out of 17. A lot has happened in ten years time - they won The Voice of Holland in 2014 and had several chart successes.

"We are looking forward so much to once again represent our country. This is a new highlight in our career and we are going to do everything we can to make our country proud," Lisa, Amy & Shelly said. In the following months, O'G3NE and their team will work on their song and act for Kyiv. Their song is expected to be revealed in early 2017. Meanwhile, enjoy their biggest hit so far, Magic.


Armenia's public broadcaster AMPTV has launched an ambitious search for its entry to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The act for Kyiv will be chosen in a series of shows called Դեպի եվրատեսիլ (Depi Evratesil, or 'To Eurovision'). Viewers can look forward to three months of TV shows, including auditions, comments by previous Eurovision representatives and professional juries.

The auditions, to choose the candidates for the live shows took place in September. From October to December viewers will be able to watch Depi Evratesil live on the First Channel of AMPTV. More information about Depi Evratesil will be available soon. Be sure to follow the official Armenian Eurovision website and Facebook page to get the latest news on the juries, the structure of the show and everything else you need to know. 


The Spanish broadcaster, TVE, has already launched the process to choose their entry and performer for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest to be held next May in Kyiv. Like in the 2016 selection, it will feature a group of young professional artists chosen internally, but this time they will be joined by one more candidate to be selected through their website. The show will be broadcast in February 2017 under the name Objetivo Eurovisión where both an expert jury and the public votes will decide who will be the Spanish representative travelling to Ukraine.


During the casting sessions next month, prospective singers will perform in front of the camera ahead of the selection process. More information about the selection, including how to enter, can be found on the official website as well as eurovision.de.


To select the entry for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, German public broadcaster ARD will go back to the mode that gave the country its best results and its most recent winner: A talent show featuring five young and promising singers, performing songs commissioned from globally successful producers. 

The German national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Thursday 9th February 2017. The three-hour show will feature a jury panel comprising three of Germany's most popular musicians: Tim Bendzko, Florian Silbereisen, and Lena, Germany's most recent Eurovision winner. Germany's representative in Kyiv will be chosen solely by the TV viewers through televoting and the official Eurovision app.

You can find out more about the format for the 2017 selection in Germany here.