2017 national selections

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Kyiv, Ukraine

In this section you will find information relating to the respective selections of the 43 countries participating in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The 62nd edition of the competition will take place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, on 9th, 11th and 13th May.

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Naviband have been chosen to represent Belarus at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Historyja majho zycciaRead more about the national final here.


Dress rehearsals for the 2017 national selection get under way in Belarus. You can watch an exclusive video on the website of broadcaster BTRC. The live broadcast will start tonight, Friday 20th January, at 20:00 and you can watch the show live on the website of BTRC. For the first time ever viewers will be able to get an exclusive look at the artists backstage as they prepare to go on stage. 

The show graphics and postcards will feature traditional Belarusian symbols, visit BRTC's website for more information. The show will be hosted by popular TV presenter Olga Ryzhikova and Teo who represented Belarus at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with his song Cheesecake. Ivan, who represented Belarus in 2016 will perform his entry Help You Fly

Voting will be decided by a 50/50 combination of jury and televoting. The 11 jury members are drawn from professionals in the entertainment industry. In total 13 entries will compete for the right to represent Belarus in Kyiv in May. 

Check out some of the images from the rehearsals below:


Belarussian broadcaster BTRC has released the list of finalists for the 2017 national selection which will be held on 25th January. 

  • Aleksandra Tkach - Be Stronger
  • Anastasiya Sheverenko - We’ll Be Together
  • Angelica Pushnova - We Should Be Together
  • Isaac Nightingale - On The Red Line
  • Kattie - Wild Wind
  • Lermont x Julic - Heartbeat
  • Napoli - Let’s Come Together
  • Navi Band - Historyja majho zyccia
  • Nikita Khodas - Voice In My Head
  • Nuteki - Take My Heart
  • PROvokatsiya Group - My Love
  • Vladislav Kurasov - Follow The Play
  • Yuliya Korenyuk - Children Of The World