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Estonia Lithuania San Marino
Andorra Finland Luxembourg Serbia
Armenia France Malta Serbia & Montenegro
Austria FYR Macedonia Moldova Slovakia
Azerbaijan Georgia Monaco Slovenia
Belarus Germany Montenegro Spain
Belgium Greece Morocco Sweden
Bosnia & Herzegovina Hungary Netherlands Switzerland
Bulgaria Iceland Norway Turkey
Croatia Ireland Poland Ukraine
Cyprus Israel Portugal United Kingdom
Czech Republic Italy Romania Yugoslavia
Denmark Latvia Russia


Who can take part?

Eligible participants include all Active Members of the European Broadcasting Union. Active Members are those whose states fall within the European Broadcasting Area, or otherwise those who are members of the Council of Europe. The European Broadcasting Area is defined by the International Telecommunication Union.

Eligibility to participate is not determined by geographic inclusion within the continent of Europe, despite the 'Euro' in Eurovision - nor has it anything to do with the European Union. Israel, a Middle Eastern country has been taking part in the contest since 1973. In 1980, Morocco - a North African country - participated in the contest.


History by year

From 1956, when the first ever Eurovision Song Contest took place, to the 2009 contest in Moscow... Just pick a year from the list to learn more about that particular running, the contestants and more. Each year comes with the relevant scoreboard and loads of background details! HISTORY BY YEAR...

History by country

Some 50 countries took part in the Eurovision Song Contest over the past 54 years. Find out how each of the participating countries has been doing. Just pick a country from the list and dive into the ups and downs they've all went through. HISTORY BY COUNTRY...

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