Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Grand Final

The 2013 contest's held in the Malmö Arena in.. Malmö, Sweden! 26 countries qualified for the Grand Final and took the stage in front of a live audience and millions watching at home.

The 2013 contest's held in the Malmö Arena in.. Malmö, Sweden! 26 countries qualified for the Grand Final and took the stage in front of a live audience and more than 170 million viewers watching at home.

The opening act of the Grand Final started with a Eurovision Song Contest anthem called We Write The Story by Benny and Björn from ABBA and the Swedish worldwide sensation Aviccii. As the host - the Swedish comedienne Petra Mede - put it: "We couldn’t get ABBA but we got.. ABB!"

It was one of the very few times in the past decades when a single person had been put in charge for hosting the event on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest. Her widely debated dresses were all designed by one of the greatest names in the fashion world, Jean-Paul Gaultier who is also a big fan of the contest.

About the winner

In the end, after all the excitement and millions of votes, it was Emmelie de Forest to take home the trophy from Malmö! It was the second time Denmark had won when the contest was hosted by Sweden.

She had already been the main favourite the months before among the fans and the bookmakers. She was also one of the very few winners ever to have performed barefoot.


  • There was a mechanism built into the catwalk of the stage that would raise an artist up quite some metres. It was only used in the interval act by Loreen and the UK participant.
  • UK participant was the multi-million record selling artist Bonnie Tyler who, though, did not end up very high with her Believe In Me.

Facts & Figures


Saturday 18 May 2013


Malmö Arena, Malmö, Sweden


Emmelie de Forest from Denmark




Petra Mede

EBU Executive Supervisor

Jon Ola Sand

Executive Producer

Martin Österdahl

The Participants

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 France
Flag of FranceFrance 3
Amandine Bourgeois L'enfer Et Moi
David Salkin Boris Bergman
014 23
02 Lithuania
Flag of LithuaniaLRT
Andrius Pojavis Something
Andrius Pojavis
017 22
03 Moldova
Flag of MoldovaTRM
Aliona Moon O Mie
Pasha Parfeny Yuliana Scutaru
071 11
04 Finland
Flag of FinlandYLE
Krista Siegfrids Marry Me
Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm,...
013 24
05 Spain
Flag of SpainTVE
ESDM Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End)
Raquel del Rosario, David Feit...
008 25
06 Belgium
Flag of BelgiumRTBF
Roberto Bellarosa Love Kills
Iain James, Jukka Immonen
071 12
07 Estonia
Flag of EstoniaERR
Birgit Et Uus Saaks Alguse
Mihkel Mattisen Mihkel Mattisen/Silvia Soro
019 20
08 Belarus
Flag of BelarusBTRC
Alyona Lanskaya Solayoh
Marc Paelinck Martin King
048 16
09 Malta
Flag of MaltaPBS
Gianluca Tomorrow
Boris Cezek & Dean Muscat
120 08
10 Russia
Flag of RussiaC1R
Dina Garipova What If
Gabriel Alares, Joakim Björnb...
174 05
11 Germany
Flag of GermanyNDR
Cascada Glorious
Yann Peifer, Manuel Reuter, An...
018 21
12 Armenia
Flag of ArmeniaAMPTV
Dorians Lonely Planet
Tony Iommi Vardan Zadoyan
041 18
13 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsTROS
Anouk Birds
Tore Johansson, Martin Gjersta... Anouk Teeuwe
114 09
14 Romania
Flag of RomaniaTVR
Cezar It's My Life
Cristian Faur
065 13
15 United Kingdom
Flag of United KingdomBBC
Bonnie Tyler Believe In Me
Desmond Child, Lauren Christy,...
023 19
16 Sweden
Flag of SwedenSVT
Robin Stjernberg You
Robin Stjernberg, Joy Deb, Lin...
062 14
17 Hungary
Flag of HungaryMTV
ByeAlex Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix)
Alex Márta, Zoltán Palásti ... Alex Márta
084 10
18 Denmark
Flag of DenmarkDR
Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops
Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jako...
281 01
19 Iceland
Flag of IcelandRÚV
Eythor Ingi Ég Á Líf
Örlygur Smári & Pétur Örn ...
047 17
20 Azerbaijan
Flag of Azerbaijanİctimai
Farid Mammadov Hold Me
Dimitrios Kontopoulos John Ballard & Ralph Charlie A...
234 02
21 Greece
Flag of GreeceERT
Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis Alcohol Is Free
Ilias Kozas Stathis Pachidis, Ilias Kozas
152 06
22 Ukraine
Flag of UkraineNTU
Zlata Ognevich Gravity
Mikhail Nekrasov Karen Kavaleryan
214 03
23 Italy
Flag of ItalyRAI
Marco Mengoni L'Essenziale
Francesco De Benedittis, Rober... Roberto Casalino
126 07
24 Norway
Flag of NorwayNRK
Margaret Berger I Feed You My Love
Karin Park, Robin Lynch, Nikla...
191 04
25 Georgia
Flag of GeorgiaGPB
Nodi Tatishvili & Sophie Gelovani Waterfall
Thomas G:son & Erik Bernholm Thomas G:son
050 15
26 Ireland
Flag of IrelandRTÉ
Ryan Dolan Only Love Survives
Wez Devine, Ryan Dolan
005 26


Participant Albania Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Denmark Estonia F.Y.R. Macedonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Malta Moldova Montenegro Norway Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Ukraine United Kingdom Points Place
France France
21128 14 23
Lithuania Lithuania
351161 17 22
Moldova Moldova
21433743145126628 71 11
Finland Finland
23143 13 24
Spain Spain
62 8 25
Belgium Belgium
35235442385327123 71 12
Estonia Estonia
6103 19 20
Belarus Belarus
575513124312 48 16
Malta Malta
6873453235385105105101827 120 8
Russia Russia
78456571262662110712777810654410 174 5
Germany Germany
36531 18 21
Armenia Armenia
28710311216 41 18
The Netherlands The Netherlands
481221072858648237846 114 9
Romania Romania
546110617101644 65 13
United Kingdom United Kingdom
7531412 23 19
Sweden Sweden
1418143454512163 62 14
Hungary Hungary
864410122352623107 84 10
Denmark Denmark
1455110210781271271071012128126266107641212810310512 281 1
Iceland Iceland
1658644652 47 17
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
712105127881241212721231212812101225376210 234 2
Greece Greece
108746275126416127148571012818 152 6
Ukraine Ukraine
12112128101210310887381057101012141101055 214 3
Italy Italy
121106861010268614481212 126 7
Norway Norway
23237134123812474210688632487775512763 191 4
Georgia Georgia
1010583257 50 15
Ireland Ireland
221 5 26

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