Eurovision Song Contest 2003

Latvia hosted the competition in 2003 following Marie N's victory in Tallinn the previous year.

26 participants

A record 26 countries took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in the Latvian capital Riga. The slogan for 2003 was Rendezvous in Riga. Ukraine made its debut in the competition and sent one of the country's biggest stars, Olexandr Ponomariov.

Pop duo t.A.T.u. who only month before the contest had a major worldwide hit with All The Things She Said, represented Russia in Riga. The pair caused mischief during the event week by regularly disrupting the rehearsal schedule and failing to attend press conferences.

Turkey won the contest for the first time after one of the closest finishes in the contest for years. Slovenia, the last country to deliver its results, had the casting vote. Belgium finished second with Russia in third place.

About the winner

Sertab Erener won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Everyway That I Can. At the time Sertab was one of Turkey's biggest stars and recorded duets with stars such as Ricky Martin and José Carreras. Every Way That I Can was a combination of eastern melodies and was reminiscent of the Tarkan and Holly Vallance hit Kiss Kiss.

Facts and figures

  • The United Kingdom scored nil points for the first time ever. Cry Baby performed by the duo Jemini finished last.
  • The Belgian song, Sanomi by Urban Trad, was sung in a made-up language.
  • A change in the tie-break rule was introduced which took into account the total number of countries voting for a song rather than counting the amount of top scores. This system would have run into problems in 1991 as France and Sweden both received votes from 17 countries.

Facts & Figures


Saturday 24 May 2003


Skonto Olympic Hall, Riga, Latvia


Sertab Erener from Turkey




Marie N. & Renars Kaupers

EBU Scrutineer

Sarah Yuen


Sven Stojanovic

The Participants

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Iceland
Flag of IcelandRÚV
Birgitta Open Your Heart
Hallgrímur Óskarsson Sveinbjörn I. Baldvinsson, Bir...
081 08
02 Austria
Flag of AustriaORF
Alf Poier Weil Der Mensch Zählt
Alf Poier
101 06
03 Ireland
Flag of IrelandRTÉ
Mickey Harte We’ve Got The World
Keith Molloy, Martin Brannigan
053 11
04 Turkey
Flag of TurkeyTRT
Sertab Erener Everyway That I Can
Sertab Erener, Demir Demirkan Demir Demirkan
167 01
05 Malta
Flag of MaltaPBS
Lynn Chirchop To Dream Again
Alfred Zammit Cynthia Sammut
004 25
06 Bosnia & Herzegovina
Flag of Bosnia & HerzegovinaPBSBIH
Mija Martina Ne Brini
Ines Prajo Arjana Kunštek
027 16
07 Portugal
Flag of PortugalRTP
Rita Guerra Deixa-me Sonhar
Paulo Martins
013 22
08 Croatia
Flag of CroatiaHRT
Claudia Beni Više Nisam Tvoja
Andrej Babich
029 15
09 Cyprus
Flag of CyprusCyBC
Stelios Constantas Feeling Alive
Stelios Constantas
015 20
10 Germany
Flag of GermanyARD
Lou Let’s Get Happy
Ralph Siegel Bernd Meinunger
053 11
11 Russia
Flag of RussiaC1R
t.A.T.u. Ne Ver’, Ne Boisia
Mars Lasar, Ivan Pogomalov Valeriy Polienko
164 03
12 Spain
Flag of SpainTVE
Beth Dime
Jesús-Maria Pérez Amaya Martínez
081 08
13 Israel
Flag of IsraelIBA
Lior Narkis Words For Love
Yoni Ro`en Yossi Gispan
017 19
14 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsNOS
Esther Hart One More Night
Alan Michael, Tjeerd van Zanen
045 13
15 United Kingdom
Flag of United KingdomBBC
Jemini Cry Baby
Martin Isherwood
000 26
16 Ukraine
Flag of UkraineNTU
Olexandr Hasta La Vista
Tzvika Pik Mirit Shem-Ur
030 14
17 Greece
Flag of GreeceERT
Mando Never Let You Go
Mando Terry Siganos
025 17
18 Norway
Flag of NorwayNRK
Jostein Hasselgård I'm Not Afraid To Move On
Arve Furset
123 04
19 France
Flag of FranceFrance 3
Louisa Baileche Monts Et Merveilles
Hocine Hallaf
019 18
20 Poland
Flag of PolandTVP
Ich Troje Keine Grenzen - Zadnych Granic
André Franke, Joachim Horn-Ber... Composers + Michal Wisniewski,...
090 07
21 Latvia
Flag of LatviaLTV
F.L.Y. Hello From Mars
Martin Freiman, Lauris Raynix
005 24
22 Belgium
Flag of BelgiumRTBF
Urban Trad Sanomi
Yves Barbieux
165 02
23 Estonia
Flag of EstoniaERR
Ruffus Eighties Coming Back
Vaiko Eplik
014 21
24 Romania
Flag of RomaniaTVR
Nicola Don’t Break My Heart
Mihai Alexandru Nicola
073 10
25 Sweden
Flag of SwedenSVT
Fame Give Me Your Love
Calle Kindbom, Carl Lösnitz
107 05
26 Slovenia
Flag of SloveniaRTVSLO
Karmen Nanana
Martin Stibernik Karmen Stavec
007 23


Participant Austria Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia Cyprus Estonia France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Israel Latvia Malta Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovenia Spain Sweden The Netherlands Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Points Place
Iceland Iceland
365111731212147684 81 8
Austria Austria
2554622104810786868 101 6
Ireland Ireland
1472156725112 53 11
Turkey Turkey
1212121081010737410281010381227 167 1
Malta Malta
31 4 25
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
7812 27 16
Portugal Portugal
6223 13 22
Croatia Croatia
561683 29 15
Cyprus Cyprus
1212 15 20
Germany Germany
12842351741024 53 11
Russia Russia
87312101278104101212447126211012 164 3
Spain Spain
1076561212561452 81 8
Israel Israel
8351 17 19
The Netherlands The Netherlands
8252751051 45 13
United Kingdom United Kingdom
- 26
Ukraine Ukraine
345108 30 14
Greece Greece
1251214 25 17
Norway Norway
26103712123766534512776 123 4
France France
8326 19 18
Poland Poland
105451268104453482 90 7
Latvia Latvia
5 5 24
Belgium Belgium
410381268710810312683312107105 165 2
Estonia Estonia
1823 14 21
Romania Romania
67124446181210116 73 10
Sweden Sweden
34121723556877312673510 107 5
Slovenia Slovenia
43 7 23