Eurovision Song Contest 1962

The 1962 Eurovision Song Contest was held in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the first time with another winning song sung in French by Isabelle Aubret, who would come back to the contest for 6 years later.

Lights on, lights off

After the victory in Cannes in 1961, Luxembourg was the host of the seventh Eurovision Song Contest. The stage was decorated with twinkling stars, but unfortunately they could not be seen for parts of the evening because there were some problems with the lights in the big auditorium of the Villa Louvigny.

The number of participants of this year's contest remained stable at 16 with no new countries entering. However, there was a change in the voting system: the national juries - which still consisted of 10 persons - had to attribute 3, 2 and 1 points to their three favourite songs.

About the winner

France managed to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time with a dramatic performance by Isabelle Aubret who won by a landslide: Aubret collected 26 points altogether, outclassing Monaco's entry Dis Rien by 13 points!

Facts & figures

  • The German entry Zwei Kleine Italiener by Conny Froboess went on to be an enormous commercial success in lots of European countries despite a rather moderate 6th place;
  • Belgian Fud Leclerc took part for the fourth time in the history of the song contest, but came last with no points at all.

Facts & Figures


Sunday 18 March 1962


Grand Auditorium de RTL, Villa Louvigny, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Isabelle Aubret from France




Mireille Delannoy


Jos Pauly, René Steichen

Interval Act

Achilles Zavatta

The Participants

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Finland
Flag of FinlandYLE
Marion Rung Tipi-tii 004 07
02 Belgium
Flag of BelgiumRTB
Fud Leclerc Ton Nom 000 13
03 Spain
Flag of SpainTVE
Victor Balaguer Llámame 000 13
04 Austria
Flag of AustriaORF
Eleonore Schwarz Nur In Der Wiener Luft 000 13
05 Denmark
Flag of DenmarkDR
Ellen Winther Vuggevise 002 10
06 Sweden
Flag of SwedenSR
Inger Berggren Sol Och Vår 004 07
07 Germany
Flag of GermanyARD
Conny Froboess Zwei Kleine Italiener 009 06
08 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsNTS
De Spelbrekers Katinka 000 13
09 France
Flag of FranceRTF
Isabelle Aubret Un Premier Amour 026 01
10 Norway
Flag of NorwayNRK
Inger Jacobsen Kom Sol, Kom Regn 002 10
11 Switzerland
Flag of SwitzerlandSSR SRG
Jean Philippe Le Retour 002 10
12 Yugoslavia
Flag of YugoslaviaJRT
Lola Novakovic Ne Pali Svetlo U Sumrak 010 04
13 United Kingdom
Flag of United KingdomBBC
Ronnie Carroll Ring-a-ding Girl 010 04
14 Luxembourg
Flag of LuxembourgCLT
Camillo Felgen Petit Bonhomme 011 03
15 Italy
Flag of ItalyRAI
Claudio Villa Addio, Addio 003 09
16 Monaco
Flag of MonacoTMC
François Deguelt Dis Rien 013 02


Participant Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Italy Luxembourg Monaco Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands United Kingdom Yugoslavia Points Place
Finland Finland
13 4 7
Belgium Belgium
- 13
Spain Spain
- 13
Austria Austria
- 13
Denmark Denmark
11 2 10
Sweden Sweden
31 4 7
Germany Germany
12222 9 6
The Netherlands The Netherlands
- 13
France France
223211323313 26 1
Norway Norway
2 2 10
Switzerland Switzerland
2 2 10
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
11332 10 4
United Kingdom United Kingdom
23122 10 4
Luxembourg Luxembourg
13331 11 3
Italy Italy
21 3 9
Monaco Monaco
311323 13 2