Eurovision Song Contest 1963

The 8th Eurovision Song Contest took place in London, despite a French victory in the preceding year. Denmark's first victory would become controversial topic.

Recorded? Not!

The honour of hosting this year's song contest was handed over by the French to the United Kingdom. The main reason was that France did not want to host the song contest so soon after hosting it twice in Cannes in 1959 and 1961.

Host Broadcaster BBC tried a different approach for the presentation of the Eurovision Song Contest. All songs were performed in one studio, but the audience was located in another. Each song had its own unique staging, and the change of set was done very quickly. Because of that, rumours arose that the performances were pre-recorded which later turned out to be untrue.

Big international stars took part in this year's competition, like Esther Ofarim for Switzerland, Nana Mouskouri for Luxembourg and Francoise Hardy for Monaco.

About the winner

Norway's jury was not ready with its voting when called in by the presenter Katie Boyle. The Norwegian head of jury was still busy adding up the individual votes of the 20 jury members. Struck by panic, the Norwegian jury secretary gave an intermediate result, reading the points very quickly and in the wrong order. In accordance with the rules, Mrs. Boyle told the TV audience that she would come back to the Norwegian jury after all the other countries had voted. When the final result came in from the Norwegian jury, they were decisively different from the intermediate ones and gave the victory to Norway's Nordic neighbour Denmark in a close race with Switzerland.

Facts & Figures


Saturday 23 March 1963


BBC Television Centre, London, United Kingdom


Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann from Denmark




Catherine (Katie) Boyle


Yvonne Littlewood

Interval Act

Ola & Barbro

The Participants

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 United Kingdom
Flag of United KingdomBBC
Ronnie Carroll Say Wonderful Things 028 04
02 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsNTS
Annie Palmen Een Speeldoos 000 13
03 Germany
Flag of GermanyARD
Heidi Brühl Marcel 005 09
04 Austria
Flag of AustriaORF
Carmela Corren Vielleicht Geschieht Ein Wunder 016 07
05 Norway
Flag of NorwayNRK
Anita Thallaug Solhverv 000 13
06 Italy
Flag of ItalyRAI
Emilio Pericoli Uno Per Tutte 037 03
07 Finland
Flag of FinlandYLE
Laila Halme Muistojeni Laulu 000 13
08 Denmark
Flag of DenmarkDR
Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann Dansevise 042 01
09 Yugoslavia
Flag of YugoslaviaJRT
Vice Vukov Brodovi 003 11
10 Switzerland
Flag of SwitzerlandSSR SRG
Esther Ofarim T'en Va Pas 040 02
11 France
Flag of FranceRTF
Alain Barrière Elle était Si Jolie 025 05
12 Spain
Flag of SpainTVE
José Guardiola Algo Prodigioso 002 12
13 Sweden
Flag of SwedenSR
Monica Zetterlund En Gång I Stockholm 000 13
14 Belgium
Flag of BelgiumBRT
Jacques Raymond Waarom 004 10
15 Monaco
Flag of MonacoTMC
Françoise Hardy L'amour S'en Va 025 05
16 Luxembourg
Flag of LuxembourgCLT
Nana Mouskouri A Force De Prier 013 08


Participant Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Italy Luxembourg Monaco Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands United Kingdom Yugoslavia Points Place
United Kingdom United Kingdom
333155233 28 4
The Netherlands The Netherlands
- 13
Germany Germany
32 5 9
Austria Austria
214234 16 7
Norway Norway
- 13
Italy Italy
35245335124 37 3
Finland Finland
- 13
Denmark Denmark
35522545353 42 1
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
12 3 11
Switzerland Switzerland
54445341415 40 2
France France
2114121445 25 5
Spain Spain
2 2 12
Sweden Sweden
- 13
Belgium Belgium
4 4 10
Monaco Monaco
1553241211 25 5
Luxembourg Luxembourg
214312 13 8