Eurovision Song Contest 2007 Semi-Final

Finland was the proud host for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final. The country had tried to win the contest since 1961 and only 45 years later, Finland was filled with joy when Lordi won with Hard Rock Hallelujah in Athens. Helsinki 2007 became a 'True Fantasy', which was the theme of the competition.

A long Semi-Final

Finland welcomed a new record of participating countries in its capital Helsinki: 42 delegations took part, of which 28 took part in the Semi-Final . Austria came back to the contest after dropping out voluntarily in 2006. Same happened with its neighbour Hungary, and also Serbia (as independent country), Georgia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic took part for the first time.

The competition saw a mix of experienced singers and newcomers. Edsilia from the Netherlands had already participated in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest and achieved an excellent 4th place back then. Olivia Lewis had tried to win the Maltese national final with more than ten songs over the years and she finally with able to win it with the pop-ethno song Vertigo. Karolina had already represented FYR Macedonia before in 2002. Dance-pop star DJ Bobo from Switzerland, who had already sold millions of CDs in his career, and wanted to give it another push on the Eurovision Song Contest stage singing Vampires Are Alive. However, the Semi-Final also saw lots of newcomers like the pop-punk band Anonymous from Andorra, who had decided to sing their song Salvem El Món in Catalan and in English.

The results

The results of the Semi-Final caused quite a stir when the representatives of the 10 countries were announced that qualified for the Final: Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Georgia, FYR Macedonia and Moldova. Western European newspapers were upset that not even one 'traditional country' from Western Europe managed to qualify - but admitting at the same time that the quality of the songs from Eastern Europe was higher.

Facts & Figures


Thursday 10 May 2007


Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland





Jaana Pelkonen & Mikko Leppilampi

Executive Producer

Heikki Seppälä

EBU Scrutineer

Svante Stockselius


Timo Suomi

The Participants

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Bulgaria
Flag of BulgariaBNT
Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov Water
Elitsa Todorova, Stoyan Yankoulov Elitsa Todorova
146 06
02 Israel
Flag of IsraelIBA
Teapacks Push The Button
Kobi Oz
017 24
03 Cyprus
Flag of CyprusCyBC
Evridiki Comme Ci, Comme ça
Dimitris Korgialas Poseidonas Giannopoulos
065 15
04 Belarus
Flag of BelarusBTRC
Dmitry Koldun Work Your Magic
Philip Kirkorov Karen Kavaleryan
176 04
05 Iceland
Flag of IcelandRÚV
Eiríkur Hauksson Valentine Lost
Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson Kristján Hreinsson
077 13
06 Georgia
Flag of GeorgiaGPB
Sopho My Story
Beqa Jafaridze Bibi Kvachadze
123 08
07 Montenegro
Flag of MontenegroRTCG
Stevan Faddy Ajde Kroci
Slaven Knezoviæ Milan Periæ
033 22
08 Switzerland
Flag of SwitzerlandSSR SRG
DJ BoBo Vampires Are Alive
040 20
09 Moldova
Flag of MoldovaTRM
Natalia Barbu Fight
Brasoveanu Buga
091 10
10 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsNOS
Edsilia Rombley On Top Of The World
Tjeerd Oosterhuis Tjeerd Oosterhuis, Martin Gijz...
038 21
11 Albania
Flag of AlbaniaRTSH
Aida & Frederik Ndoci Hear My Plea
Adrian Hila Pandi Laço
049 17
12 Denmark
Flag of DenmarkDR
DQ Drama Queen
Peter Andersen, Simon Munk Peter Andersen, Claus Christensen
045 19
13 Croatia
Flag of CroatiaHRT
Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic Vjerujem U Ljubav
Dado Topic
054 16
14 Poland
Flag of PolandTVP
The Jet Set Time To Party
Mateusz Krezan Kamil Varen, David Junior Serame
075 14
15 Serbia
Flag of SerbiaRTS
Marija Šerifović Molitva
Vladimir Graić Saša Milošević Mare
298 01
16 Czech Republic
Flag of Czech RepublicČT
Kabát Malá Dáma
001 28
17 Portugal
Flag of PortugalRTP
Sabrina Dança Comigo (vem Ser Feliz)
Emanuel Emanuel, Tó Maria Vinhas
088 11
18 F.Y.R. Macedonia
Flag of F.Y.R. MacedoniaMKRTV
Karolina Mojot Svet
Grigor Koprov, Ognene Nedelkov...
097 09
19 Norway
Flag of NorwayNRK
Guri Schanke Ven A Bailar Conmigo
Thomas G:son
048 18
20 Malta
Flag of MaltaPBS
Olivia Lewis Vertigo
Philip Vella Gerald James Borg
015 25
21 Andorra
Flag of AndorraRTVA
Anonymous Salvem El Món
080 12
22 Hungary
Flag of HungaryMTV
Magdi Rúzsa Unsubstantial Blues
Magdi Rúzsa Imre Mózsik
224 02
23 Estonia
Flag of EstoniaERR
Gerli Padar Partners In Crime
Berit Vaher Hendrik Sal-Saller
033 22
24 Belgium
Flag of BelgiumRTBF
The KMG's Love Power
Paul Curtiz Paul Curtiz, Sexyfire
014 26
25 Slovenia
Flag of SloveniaRTVSLO
Alenka Gotar Cvet Z Juga
Andrej Babiæ
140 07
26 Turkey
Flag of TurkeyTRT
Kenan Dogulu Shake It Up Shekerim
Kenan Dogulu
197 03
27 Austria
Flag of AustriaORF
Eric Papilaya Get A Life - Get Alive
Gerg Usek Austin Howard
004 27
28 Latvia
Flag of LatviaLTV Questa Notte
Kjell Jennstig Kjell Jennstig, Torbjörn Wass...
168 05


Participant Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia F.Y.R. Macedonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Latvia Lithuania Malta Moldova Montenegro Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Points Place
Bulgaria Bulgaria
11623612107283410863555153101226 146 6
Israel Israel
236141 17 24
Cyprus Cyprus
845753124710 65 15
Belarus Belarus
4122610517447246121010712434131243512 176 4
Iceland Iceland
310612110651212 77 13
Georgia Georgia
88137104468788310351010 123 8
Montenegro Montenegro
755385 33 22
Switzerland Switzerland
61232824102 40 20
Moldova Moldova
71216732312126686 91 10
The Netherlands The Netherlands
5104518131 38 21
Albania Albania
342310186741 49 17
Denmark Denmark
2855643417 45 19
Croatia Croatia
3710627685 54 16
Poland Poland
105453223653210131253 75 14
Serbia Serbia
21012104128128126128781051210872116128546812510121085 298 1
Czech Republic Czech Republic
1 1 28
Portugal Portugal
126731107371011884 88 11
F.Y.R. Macedonia F.Y.R. Macedonia
105712861021010566 97 9
Norway Norway
337411721222463 48 18
Malta Malta
672 15 25
Andorra Andorra
42751546422266441222 80 12
Hungary Hungary
5481714748128102106127874108101031261848144 224 2
Estonia Estonia
6231264 33 22
Belgium Belgium
122 14 26
Slovenia Slovenia
826665104517155385774577637 140 7
Turkey Turkey
1272101281018871212631036187271012112 197 3
Austria Austria
13 4 27
Latvia Latvia
12845351235145121012122712852712738 168 5