Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Semi-Final

For the first time ever in the almost 50-year-old history of the Eurovision Song Contest, a Semi-Final was held to ensure that all countries who wanted could participate in the event.

A Semi-Final for the first time!

In 2003, it was decided that a Semi-Final would be held in 2004 with only the so-called 'Big Four' (Germany, UK, France and Spain) plus the ten most successful countries from the 2003 ranking having a pre-set spot in the Final. All the other countries had to go through a Semi-Final, which was held on the Wednesday prior to the Eurovision Song Contest Final night on Saturday.

22 countries decided to take part in the 2004 Semi-Final which would only allow the top 10 to progress to the Final. All countries would have to use telephone and SMS voting to decide about the ten happy winners which would only be revealed by the opening of envelopes. The total result of the Semi-Final would only be made public after the big Final, to keep the tension high.

Several new countries entered the 2004 Semi-Final: Andorra, Albania and Belarus were there for the first time ever and Serbia & Montenegro participated for the first time as an independent country even though Serbian songs had already been taking part under the flag of Yugoslavia. Monaco decided to return to the contest after a modest break of 25 years.

Facts & figures

A new logo - hearts including the flag of all participating countries - was introduced in Istanbul and replaced all the exsisting logos which were used before. Furthermore, the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest was produced centralized by the EBU for the first time.

Facts & Figures


Wednesday 12 May 2004


Abdi Ipekci Sport Center, Istanbul, Turkey





Meltem Cumbul & Korhan Abay

EBU Scrutineer

Svante Stockselius


Sven Stojanovic

Interval Act

ABBA – Our Last Video Ever

The Participants

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Finland
Flag of FinlandYLE
Jari Sillanpää Takes 2 To Tango
Mika Toivanen Jari Sillanpää
051 14
02 Belarus
Flag of BelarusBTRC
Aleksandra & Konstantin My Galileo
Aleksandra & Konstantin Aleksey Solomaha
010 19
03 Switzerland
Flag of SwitzerlandSSR SRG
Piero Esteriore & the MusicStars Celebrate
Greg Manning
000 22
04 Latvia
Flag of LatviaLTV
Fomins & Kleins Dziesma Par Laimi
Guntars Racs Tomass Kleins
023 17
05 Israel
Flag of IsraelIBA
David D'or Le'ha'amin
David D'or
057 11
06 Andorra
Flag of AndorraRTVA
Marta Roure Jugarem A Estimar-nos
Jofre Bardagí
012 18
07 Portugal
Flag of PortugalRTP
Sofia Foi Magia
Paulo Neves
038 15
08 Malta
Flag of MaltaPBS
Julie & Ludwig On Again... Off Again
Philip Vella Gerard James Borg
074 08
09 Monaco
Flag of MonacoTMC
Maryon Notre Planète
Philippe Bosco
010 19
10 Greece
Flag of GreeceERT
Sakis Rouvas Shake It
Nikos Terzis Nektarios Tirakis
238 03
11 Ukraine
Flag of UkraineNTU
Ruslana Wild Dances
Ruslana Lyzchicko Alexander Ksenofontov
256 02
12 Lithuania
Flag of LithuaniaLRT
Linas ir Simona What's Happened To Your Love
Michalis Antonio, Linas Adomaitis Camden MS
026 16
13 Albania
Flag of AlbaniaRTSH
Anjeza Shahini The Image Of You
Edmon Zhulali Agim Doçit
167 04
14 Cyprus
Flag of CyprusCyBC
Lisa Andreas Stronger Every Minute
Mike Konnaris
149 05
15 F.Y.R. Macedonia
Flag of F.Y.R. MacedoniaMKRTV
Tose Proeski Life
071 10
16 Slovenia
Flag of SloveniaRTVSLO
Platin Stay Forever
Simon Gomilsek Diana Lecnik
005 21
17 Estonia
Flag of EstoniaERR
Neiokõsõ Tii
Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre Aapo Ilves
057 11
18 Croatia
Flag of CroatiaHRT
Ivan Mikulic You Are The Only One
Ivan Mikulic Duško Gruborovic & Marina Mad...
072 09
19 Denmark
Flag of DenmarkDR
Tomas Thordarson Shame On You
Ivar Lind Greiner
056 13
20 Serbia & Montenegro
Flag of Serbia & MontenegroRTS
ŽŽeljko Joksimović Lane Moje
ŽŽeljko Joksimović Leontina Vukmanović
263 01
21 Bosnia & Herzegovina
Flag of Bosnia & HerzegovinaPBSBIH
Deen In The Disco
Vesna Pisarovic
133 07
22 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsNOS
Re-union Without You
Ed van Otterdijk Angeline van Otterdijk
146 06


Participant Albania Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia Cyprus Denmark Estonia F.Y.R. Macedonia Finland Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Israel Latvia Lithuania Malta Monaco Norway Portugal Romania Serbia & Montenegro Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Points Place
Finland Finland
71672536338 51 14
Belarus Belarus
2125 10 19
Switzerland Switzerland
- 22
Latvia Latvia
454262 23 17
Israel Israel
531322221367534242 57 11
Andorra Andorra
12 12 18
Portugal Portugal
1241867 38 15
Malta Malta
65141410412167741325 74 8
Monaco Monaco
244 10 19
Greece Greece
1285810561234751062126812458121047436121012 238 3
Ukraine Ukraine
3104128788612886710101010121057127881062787 256 2
Lithuania Lithuania
2723183 26 16
Albania Albania
67567171126884545838266527105616 167 4
Cyprus Cyprus
266625674128833451243123131105710 149 5
F.Y.R. Macedonia F.Y.R. Macedonia
82851341412625136 71 10
Slovenia Slovenia
131 5 21
Estonia Estonia
11271210154131 57 11
Croatia Croatia
871061513157648 72 9
Denmark Denmark
33341252106251 56 13
Serbia & Montenegro Serbia & Montenegro
411210712121010101012106841471010101281212127128 263 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
101031012577127101088104 133 7
The Netherlands The Netherlands
73512245883326512725782631254243 146 6