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Rodolfo Chikilicuatre


Baila El Chiki Chiki lyrics

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Rodolfo Chikilicuatre and friends

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Rodolfo Chikilicuatre and friends

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History: Spain
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Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Final
Saturday, May 24, 2008
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About Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

After a unique national selection process in Spain, where artists submitted their entries primarily through website MySpace, a televised national selection was held where the top songs chosen from MySpace were performed. This was won by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre with his song Baila El Chiki Chiki.
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Born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1972, a young Rodolfo entered the world of music at a very young age. His father, a prestigious stenographer, learned to play the bassoon at the tender age of 37. He transferred his love for music to young Rodolfo. When he was three he played the guitar with great gusto. Shortly after, he dared put some strings on it and that meant the beginning of his love story with music. After playing in the most chic venues in the world, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre eventually got to Spain, the land he had dreamt about so much.

Once a resident in Iberian territory he composed the generational hymn Dance The Chiki Chiki, to be danced with a catchy rhythm. The daring lyrics of the song reflected the social awareness and concerns of the author. Audiences rapidly connected with this reggaeton theme because of the innovative sense of metrics and rhythm.

According to Chikilicuatre himself, to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true,or truth becoming a dream.

Reggaeton is a form of urban music which became popular with Latin American youth during the early 90's and spread over the last years to the rest of the World. Originating in Panama, Reggaeton blends Jamaican music influences of reggae and dancehall with those Latinos, such as bomba, plena, merengue and bachata, as well as that of hip-hop and electronica.

Reggaeton's most notably unique feature is a driving drum-machine track which was derived from a popular Jamaican dacehall rhythm. Many of the sounds found in a typical reggaeton beat are electronically synthesized.

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