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10 in the Semi-Final (1)7 in the Final


Tom Dice


Me And My Guitar lyrics

Music by

Tom Dice, Jeroen Swinnen & Ashley Hicklin

Lyrics by

Tom Dice, Jeroen Swinnen & Ashley Hicklin

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History: Belgium
Event Points Place
Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Final
Saturday, May 29, 2010
143 06
Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semi-Final (1)
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
167 01

About Tom Dice

For Tom Dice, flying the flag for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true. He's a true musician and that's also why his song is just about that - he and his guitar.

Photo of Tom Dice

Ever since he can remember, the twenty-year-old Tom has been working on his music. He started his music career at music school but soon realised he longed for something else. He taught himself how to play the guitar and wrote his very first song when he was twelve years old. At age fifteen Tom started his own band, The Dice. That name now lives on as Tom’s stage name.

Tom has always had a special relationship with his fans. Already well-known in his home region, one of his local fans entered him for the auditions of the Belgian edition of talent show X Factor in 2008. Not only did Tom Dice make it to the show, thanks to his magnificent voice and his fans’s never-ending support, he survived all eleven live TV shows and finished second. By June of the same year Tom released his first single, a moving acoustic version of Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love. The single was an instant success in Belgian hit charts.

The next big step for Tom is representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in Norway. For the Song Contest he, Jeroen Swinnen and Ashley Hicklin wrote a song called Me And My Guitar, a warm and authentic ballad about Tom’s first and last love: music.

Talking about the production of their entry, the composer of it Jeroen Swinnen says: "I didn’t work in the usual way for the final version of the song, first recording drums, bass and other instruments and only then the singing at the end. I first recorded Tom’s performance, and then had these great musicians play to his recording."

So for all of you wondering who that mysterious Belgian guy really is, we have just one word of advice; listen to his song … and you will know!

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