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Homens Da Luta


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Vasco Duarte

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History: Portugal
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Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Semi-Final (1)
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
022 18

About Homens Da Luta

Homens da Luta (Men of the Struggle) is a collective of traditional Portuguese music of an interventionist style.

Photo of Homens Da Luta

Inspired by the musical universe of the period after April 25, 1974, the band is led by the unavoidable Neto and Falâncio (brothers Nuno “Jel” and Vasco Duarte), and first appeared on TV five years ago in a comedy show. However, soon they were travelling through the cities, towns, and villages of Portugal, spreading their music and their sense of humour.

They bring A Luta É Alegria (The Struggle is Joy) to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, inspired by the tradition of collective singing, which was so fashionable in the late 1970s.

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