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Yüksek Sadakat


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Music by

Kutlu Özmakinaci

Lyrics by

Ergün Arsal

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History: Turkey
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Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Semi-Final (1)
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
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About Yüksek Sadakat

Founded in 1997 by songwriter and bass guitarist Kutlu Özmakinacı, Yüksek Sadakat released their self-titled debut album in January 2006 and its second album Katil & Maktûl (The killer and the victim) in March 2008 under the DMC label.

Photo of Yüksek Sadakat

The band, which quickly developed a large fan base, brought together elements from different periods and sub-categories of rock music and musical motifs native to the Turkish geography without losing the energy of rock music while doing so.

The first single video Belki Üstümüzden Bir Kuş Geçer (Perhaps a bird will fly above us) from the group’s first album made it to the top of the charts in numerous national radio stations and became the most played song on Turkish radio stations based on the Nielsen music surveys held in 2006.

The country-wise success of Yüksek Sadakat (comprising Kenan Vural on vocals, Serkan Özgen on guitar, Kutlu Özmakinacı on bass, Uğur Onatkut on keyboards and Alpay Şalt on drums) continued with their second album Katil & Maktûl. Songs from that album made it to number 1 on the charts and airplays of many national radio stations.

Upon an offer from TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) in late 2008, the group started putting on a radio show for TRT Radio 1 called İhtimaller Denizi (The sea of probabilities) for one year. The programme included the wealth of experience of individual group members, topics that gave direction to their musical careers as well as artists, groups and songs they were influenced by.
In response to heavy demand from listeners abroad, the group went on a European Tour in November 2009 covering Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland giving a total of 7 concerts to their European listeners.

In January 2009, the group did their rendition of the song Kadınım (My woman) with lyrics by Sezen Aksu for the album called Sonsuza (To eternity) created in memory of Uzay Heparı. The video clip shot for Kadınım, which soon got on the radio station charts, was a huge success in all TV channels broadcasting Turkish pop music.

In May 2010, Yüksek Sadakat reached over 400,000 young people through its concerts in 14 universities. In addition to the concerts that continued throughout the year, the group started working on its third album and completed its studio work in December.

Towards the end of 2010, the group was selected by TRT to represent Turkey in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Yüksek Sadakat continues its preparations for the contest to be held in May 2011 as well as reaching out to its listeners through various concerts.

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