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Rambo Amadeus

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Rambo Amadeus

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History: Montenegro
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Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Semi-Final (1)
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
020 15

About Rambo Amadeus

Rambo Amadeus is a true cult figure of the Ex-Yugoslav music scene. The fact that music and humour is never far apart for him is well shown in his 2012 Eurovision entry, Euro Neuro.

Rambo Amadeus, the composer, writer and performer of the Montenegrin entry, is a cult-figure of the Ex-Yugoslav music scene. During his music career he succeeded in remaining clearly distant from the common so called “radio friendly” music, frequently using parody to express his beliefs. The self-called “World Mega Tzar” is famous for his crazy jazz-funk music, interesting texts and unpredictable live performances, spiced with brutal satire, which is sometimes standing on the border of stand-up comedy. The name of Rambo Amadeus is linked with the creation of the term of “turbo folk”, a unique music phenomenon of the Balkan Region, often linked to strange taste, aggressive folk music and mass popularity.

Antonije Pušić (his real name) was born in Herceg Novi, a town on the Bay of Kotor, which is officially included in the list of the thirty most beautiful bays in the world. As a youth, he won a number of recognitions for his achievements in sports sailing. His songs combine satirical lyrics on the nature of common people and silliness of local politics. He uses a mixture of musical styles including jazz and rock (converging towards drum and bass lately), and self-conscious ironic wit. His stage name itself is made from John Rambo and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Known also as a "charming king of jovial pop", his concerts are never mere repetitions of recorded songs, but a mixture of musical improvisation and humor exploiting all aspects of human nature in a crude manner. Some fans compare his style and career path with those of Frank Zappa or Captain Beefheart.

Six years ago he was declared for the first ambassador of UNICEF in Montenegro. Lately he used his creativity and fame the best way he could in order to give his contribution to UNICEF’s initiative to create an environment without violence in schools. He has issued 19 albums, and won numerous prizes for his music work, including the Grand Prix at the film festival in Valencia (Spain) for the music theme in the movie Boomerang and the Golden Rose at the festival of Montreux.

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