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5 in the Semi-Final (1)3 in the Grand Final


Rona Nishliu


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Music by

Florent Boshnjaku

Lyrics by

Rona Nishliu

Participating Broadcaster


History: Albania
Event Points Place
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Grand Final
Saturday, May 26, 2012
146 05
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Semi-Final (1)
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
146 02

About Rona Nishliu

Rona Nishliu is not only a famous pop singer, she is also a devoted experimental jazz musician. She won the honour of representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest at the second attempt, and she will sing Suus in Baku.

Rona Nishliu was born in Mitrovica. Already as a high school graduate, she became known for her appearance in the talent show "Ethet & Krasta Show" which was held in Tirana during 2004. Music remains her passion. She took part in Festivali i Këngës, which is the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2004 together with Teuta Kurti and Vesa Luma, and the trio was awarded the first junior prize.

Even though Rona Nishliu is known for being a pop singer in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro, she is actually a devoted experimental jazz musician, too. Her interpretation is characterized with nuances of soul music influences as well. Her vocal range and interpretative power are her strongest points.

Humanitarian work is an important field of action for Rona Nishliu. As a student she organized humanitarian concerts in Kosovo, and in 2009 she took part as a guest lecturer in the UNDP activity on Awareness Raising for the Importance of Volunteerism for Youngsters in Vushtri. Apart from that, she actively supports people with Autism, and she is a chairperson of the Institute for Sustainability and Development of Youth in Kosovo.

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