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Moran Mazor


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Hen Harari

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Gal Sarig

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History: Israel
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Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Semi-Final (2)
Thursday, May 16, 2013
040 14

About Moran Mazor

Moran Mazor, 21 years old from Israel, will represent her country at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö with the ballad Rak Bishvilo. She tells to us her own story.

"I was born and grew up in Holon a suburb next to Tel Aviv. 40 years ago my parents migrated to Israel from Georgia, my family and myself love the Georgian culture and language. I am the eldest daughter to my parents Nana and Rafi and then came to the world my two little brothers, Eliad and Ohad. At the age of four I started learning classical piano and continued until the age of 18.

I always loved to sing but only as a hobby. At the age of 12, I was accepted to the town music trend, and the director discovered the singing talent in me. Since then I took part in all activities of the trend, as pianist and as a singer.

At the age of 17 I was accepted to the military band of the Air Force even though I really wanted to study Pharmacology as a reservist.

After a full year at the military service I went for auditions for the first season of the program "Eyal Golan is calling you" a reality TV show that discovers talents, where I won first place. Then I started working on my first album along with Eyal Golan, and I accompanied him on a special tour across Israel with my original songs.

Recently I was chosen to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö and now my first album is coming out which I am very proud of. The last few months were very successful and exciting for me! For me to take part in this amazing Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true. I am proud to represent Israel and I am sure I will bring honor to my country, family and friends."

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