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Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End) lyrics | lyrics in French | lyrics in English

Music by

Raquel del Rosario, David Feito, Juan Suárez

Lyrics by

Raquel del Rosario, David Feito, Juan Suárez

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History: Spain
Event Points Place
Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Grand Final
Saturday, May 18, 2013
008 25

About ESDM

ESDM - El Sueño De Morfeo (Morpheus’ Dream) is a Spanish pop-rock band with Celtic influences formed up by Raquel del Rosario from the Canary Islands, Juan Suarez and David Feito, both from northern Asturias. They have been working together for ten years and are known for their solid pop songs with rock touches and folk flavours supported by the remarkable voice of Raquel.

Fresh, young and recognisable the band ESDM delivers powerful live performances that have been successfully witnessed by more than two million people in Spain and Latin America, and has sold half a million copies of their four studio albums.

Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End). The song, composed by the band, talks about two people who meet and rediscover love. They decide to undertake together the journey of life, to the end. Musically, it is a journey of emotions from an epic introduction where the Celtic bagpipe stands as main player, to then make way for a mid-uptempo, and leading to a rocker theme.

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