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Moustache lyrics | lyrics in English

Music by

Pierre Beyres, Kim N’Guyen

Lyrics by

Lorent Ardouvin, François Ardouvin

Participating Broadcaster


History: France
Event Points Place
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final
Saturday, May 10, 2014
002 26


With its bouncy melodies, a healthy sense of gimmick, and the liveliness of its lyrics, Twin Twin is a perfect example of the YOLO (You Only Live Once) generation, which would rather live life to the fullest than be dragged overboard by wailing sirens of doubt.

Twin Twin drew critical attention early on for the panache of their songs and extravagant style, which drew from both scenes of the everyday in Paris and from the high society environments of fashion and the performing arts.

They breathe creativity wherever they go, seducing some of the most important artists along the way (they’ve crossed paths with Nina Hagen, VV Brown, Stromae, Catherine Ringer, and M, just to name a few). In no time, they’ve been invited to perform at the largest music festivals in France and around the world, playing concerts in Colombia, Canada, Spain, Belgium, and elsewhere.

It was the contagious optimism of these three young men and the uniqueness of their style that led to their selection to represent France at Eurovision.

"We express a whole range of things and levels in our music and our work. We tend to favor a lighter, more festive approach, because we want to have fun and to be able bring energy to what we do. But underneath all that, at another level, we’re expressing what we feel about the world, and about life in general."

This is the spirit that runs through their song Moustache: an irresistible dance track that tells the story of a man who already has everything, but who still wants a moustache, a humorous and affectionate critique of our culture of hyper-consumption.

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