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15 in the Second Semi-Final6 in the Grand Final


Paula Seling & OVI


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Music by

Ovi, Philip Halloun, Frida Amundsen, Beyond51

Lyrics by

Ovi, Philip Halloun, Frida Amundsen, Beyond51

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History: Romania
Event Points Place
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final
Saturday, May 10, 2014
072 12
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Second Semi-Final
Thursday, May 8, 2014
125 02

About Paula Seling & OVI

Paula Seling is a romanian singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, performer,TV personality and entertainer. Born on a Christmas Day, she started to play piano at the age of six and won few awards as a classical piano player. When she was ten years old she had her first solo vocal performance in the school choir. Since then she won almost all the trophies in the romanian music festivals.

In 1998 she recorded her first album and since then has released more than fifteen. Paula provided the Romanian dubbing in Cars 2 for Holley Shiftwell and she was chosen by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment to record the song My Spirit Flies-Chiar Pot Zbura, for the animated movie “Brave” - “Neinfricata”. In 2011 she was a juror and mentor in the Romanian X Factor.

Paula speaks, writes and performs in Romanian, English, French and Italian. Over the years she had many collaboration with great names from the music industry such as: Al Bano, Anita Doth (2 Unlimited), Alexander Rybak. She was invited to open the concerts for Beyonce (2007), Michael Bolton (2007), Chick Corea (1998), Joan Baez (1997).

She is an outspoken supporter of personal freedoms, individual rights and human rights, an inspiration to young people and through her style, grace and humility she provides an example for all of us. In 2010 Paula and OVI represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, with the song Playing With Fire and they finished third in the final.

About OVI

OVI is a multitalented singer, songwriter, producer and musician who feels most at home when he's performing. The ability to connect with his audience almost instantly is backed by many years of entertaining people around the world. Think of him a bit of a modern Billy Joel, as one known Norwegian artist, once described him. He started singing at a young age and, as a free spirit, he travelled from Japan to Iceland before he settled in Norway, his second home.

Ovi's career highlights include various collaborations with international artists, songwriters and producers like: Simone, En Vogue, Preston Glass, Simen Eriksrud, Morten Stjernholm, Philip Halloun, Beyond51, Mike Raw, Espen Berg, D'sound, Thomas Shulz, Adam Powers and Paula Seling, among others, and also lots of music awards received for singing and composing.

Ovi is nowadays signed with Oslo based label daWorks and as a songwriter with Warner Chapell Scandinavia and he prepares his second album as a solo artist. In 2010 he wrote Playing With Fire and sang it in duet with Paula Seling.

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