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Francesca Michielin


No Degree Of Separation lyrics | lyrics in English

Music by

Fabio Gargiulo, Federica Abbate, Cheope

Lyrics by

Francesca Michielin, Federica Abbate, Norma Jean Martine

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History: Italy
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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Grand Final
Saturday, May 14, 2016
124 16

About Francesca Michielin

The young and successful Italian artist Francesca Michielin came second at this year's Festival di Sanremo which granted her the participation in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, where she'll perform No Degree Of Separation. Her Sanremo entry which has already become a huge hit back home in Italy.

Born in 1995, Francesca studied piano and electric bass as a child. Aged 16, she won Italian X Factor, her single and EP titled Distratto (#1 on iTunes) was certified double platinum. The song was a gift from Elisa, who also worked on the artistic direction of Riflessi di Me, Francesca’s debut album.

Released in 2013, Cigno Nero, was a double-platinum duet with rapper Fedez. They also recorded Magnifico (five times platinum). In 2014, she wrote and sang Amazing, on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. In 2015, she released di20 followed by Nice to Meet You: a musical autobiography that she toured solo in clubs playing keyboards, guitar, electric bass, kettle drum, and TC-Helicon.

In 2016, Francesca came second at Sanremo with Nessun Grado di Separazione (#1 on iTunes and radio charts, Festival’s most popular song on Spotify with more than 1 million streams). The video already has 5 million views. The track is from her new album di20are, which debuted at #1 on iTunes and is a bestselling album in Italy.

Things to know about Francesca Michielin

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

  1. I'm Italian and I love my country. It's a true honour that through me, the world will hear our music, one of the arts that Italy is most proud of.

  2. My music will be heard by a huge and varied audience from all over the world. This is pure joy, a celebration, and it's amazing to be part of it

  3. I've always been a Eurovision fan because it gives you the opportunity to listen to and experience many types of music. This event gives me a chance to listen to rhythms, moods and melodies that I am not familiar with, coming from many different countries

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  1. I adore pizza
  2. I speak to my piano
  3. I love cinema

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

No. I just take a deep breath and then...sing

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

Taking part in such a huge event will enrich my life because I’ll meet artists from other countries and be connected to their music. Music is a universal language and Eurovision will give me the opportunity to share my music with artists from different countries and to talk together through music and this means to be truly part of the world.

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