Running Order Position

9 in the First Semi-Final18 in the Grand Final


Sergey Lazarev


You Are The Only One lyrics

Music by

Dimitris Kontopoulos, Philip Kirkorov

Lyrics by

John Ballard, Ralph Charlie

Participating Broadcaster


History: Russia
Event Points Place
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Grand Final
Saturday, May 14, 2016
491 03
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 First Semi-Final
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
342 01

About Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev will represent Russia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. He is famous for being a singer, actor, and TV presenter. Starting his music career at an early age and becoming more and more popular, he was followed by the whole country during whilst growing-up as an artist. In 2015 he won all possible Russian music awards. The music of You Are The Only One, his song for Stockholm, was composed by true Eurovision legends, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philip Kirkorov.

Sergey Lazarev, born in 1983, is a famous Russian singer, actor and TV presenter. When Sergey was 17 years old he formed the group Smash!! together with his friend Vlad Topalov. At the end of 2004 Smash!! split up at the peak of their success, and Sergey Lazarev decided to continue with his solo career.

His first solo album Don't Be Fake became a bestseller. In 2010 Sergey signed a record contract with Sony Music Entertainment. Sergey won the most prestigious music and theater awards in Russia. In 2015 Sergey Lazarev won all possible Russian music awards, including the First Russian National Music Award as the Best Singer of the Year. The tickets for his 2016 tour The Best in more than 55 cities in Russia were sold out almost immediately after announcement.

Sergey is also the voice of cartoon and movie characters, such as Prince Arthur from Shrek The Third, Humphrey, the wolf from Alpha and Omega, and Troy Bolton (originally Zak Efron) from Disney's High School Musical.

Sergey likes pets. Three years ago he took a dog from a pet shelter and since then he has barely been separated from him. The dog even inspired his small business, The Confectionery for Pets, that he founded last year.

Things you should know about Sergey Lazarev

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

I don't feel comfortable talking about myself but I could tell you the three most positive things that colleagues and friends have told me about me. The first is that I always have a positive will towards people, I am a hard worker and finally I am very open minded, never criticising others for their personal choices.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

No I don’t have a lucky routine. Before I go to stage I just stay alone and concentrate on what I have to do.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

I think it is a big honour for every artist to represent his country. This is the most important thing for me and I will do my best to represent Russia in the best possible way.

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