How to take part?

Have you ever wanted to take part in the world's biggest entertainment event - the Eurovision Song Contest? Here you can find out exactly how to pursue that dream!

The basics

First of all, all the entries and singers are picked by the Participating Broadcasters. These are the Members of the EBU that take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Why? Because at the Eurovision Song Contest, not countries but broadcasters take part in. For example, in the UK this is the BBC, in Germany it's NDR, in Sweden it is SVT and so on.

The organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest cannot pick any entries but only make sure all entries and performances are according to the Rules. This all means that you need to contact the broadcasters if you want to have information on how to take part in the contest.

IMPORTANT: Contact List of the Heads of Delegations at the Broadcasters (PDF).

How do they pick the entries?

Each Participating Broadcaster has a right to choose their entry in the format they choose. This means that in some cases, the entries are picked internally, in some the artist or the song are picked by the broadcaster while the public in that country decided on the eventual representative.

In the majority of the cases, though, both the song and the performers are picked for a show called a national selection. There, the decision is usually up to the viewers and/or a jury.

It is important to also know that only some broadcasters accept foreign authors.

IMPORTANT: Follow the dates in each of the countries through their websites or any other communication channels. Also, you can often get the deadlines and conditions right here, on

How do I contact them?

You can contact the Heads of Delegations - the people responsible at the broadcaster's side for the Eurovision Song Contest - for information on their selection method.

IMPORTANT: Contact List of the Heads of Delegations at the Broadcasters (PDF).

Can you help?

As said before, the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest do not choose any of the entries. We urge you to contact the delegations.

What basic rules does my entry have to follow?

As is the case at every contest, there are rules to be followed. The Eurovision Song Contest is not an exception in this. If you want to find out more about the rules, please check it on our Rules page.

Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede will be your hosts during the two Semi-Finals and Grand Final.