Scotland heading for 2009 bid?

Scotland heading for 2009 bid?
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According to media reports, a member of Scotland's parliament has been investigating the opportunity to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. Can we look forward - with the deadline for application to the 2008 contest far behind us - to a Scottish bid for the 2009 running?

The Daily Record writes: "After intense lobbying from Alyn Smith, a Scottish National Party member of the European Parliament, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), said there was nothing to prevent Scotland from entering on its own merit. This means that broadcasters BBC Scotland, Scottish TV and Border Television, as members of the EBU, could submit an entry in future years." A spokeswoman for STV said "there are no plans at the moment but we would not rule anything out."

"Talks of Scotland entering the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent participant seem to be more about political capital and PR than reality," writes's Barry Viniker.

The national broadcaster for the United Kingdom is the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ever since the first running of the contest in 1956, the BBC has the exclusive first right to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest. Whilst Scottish broadcasters are free to apply for EBU membership, Scotland would not be able to participate as seperate country under the current rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, as the UK is represented by the BBC... including Scotland.


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