Cutugno: "Italy's absence unfortunate"

Cutugno: "Italy's absence unfortunate"
Toto Cutugno in 1990
Toto Cutugno, Italy's last Eurovision Song Contest winner, said it is unfortunate that his country is not taking part anymore in the competition. The singer of Insieme: 1992 claims that the Eurovision Song Contest brought his carreer to a higher level, writes the website

Despite the fact that Cutugo doesn't know Rodolfo Chickiliquatre, who represented Spain this year and was initially chosen via community website MySpace, the 1992 winner underlines the importance of the internet to succeed in music these days. The 65-year old singer also believes that the world music industry is "in crisis".

In 1976 Cutugno participated for the first time in the Sanremo Music Festival, finishing 3rd with his band Albatros.He then won in 1980 with the song Solo Noi, and subsequently finished second in six editions. In 2005 he took part with Annalisa Minetti with the song Come Noi Nessuno Al Mondo. In total, Cutugo took part an impressive 13 times. In 1990, he won the Eurovision Song Contest with the ballad Insieme: 1992, about European integration. His latest album Un Falco Chiuso In Gabbia was a great success in Italy.

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