Day 7: First time for finalists

Day 7: First time for finalists
Pyros are still in fashion. Photo: Alain Douit (EBU)
Oslo, Norway -

This Saturday the first rehearsals of the countries that have already qualified for the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. This meant Josh from the UK, Daniel from Spain, Didrik from Norway, Jessy from France and Lena from Germany took to the stage.

Today the Telenor Arena hosted the second rehearsals of artists from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovenia. And traditionally, after every rehearsal, they also had their press conferences.

But today not only did we see the second rehearsals of those five countries but also the first rehearsals of the contestants from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Host Country of Norway.

Tomorrow it'll be the last day of open rehearsals, meaning the artists from Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Georgia, Turkey, Spain, Norway, the UK, France and Germany.

By the way, the last five countries will have their press conferences next Friday due to the Welcome Party held tomorrow evening.