EBU reveals split voting outcome, surprising results

EBU reveals split voting outcome, surprising results
Geneva, Switzerland -

Today, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) officially reveals the split televoting and jury voting results of the two Semi-Finals and the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The results have been checked and verified by an independent auditor. Both music industry professionals as well as the viewers at home ranked Lena's Satellite (Germany) first.

1 to 8, 10 and 12 points were given by juries and televoters in each country, then combined, and the combined top-10 would determine the actual vote given by that respective country, whereas jury and televoting counted for 50% each.

In the Final, juries and viewers agreed upon the German entry as winner and the UK entry as the song to finish last. In between, there was some disagreement; France, Serbia, Israel and Belgium were awarded significantly different amounts of points by the juries and the televoters. Televoters were also more decisive in the Final, as Germany finished with a higher amount of points and at larger distance from the runner-up in the viewers' vote. We leave further analysis to you, as we hearby reveal the split voting results for the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

Final (combined) Final (televoting) Final (jury vote)
1 Germany 246 Germany 243 Germany 187
2 Turkey 170 Turkey 177 Belgium 185
3 Romania 162 Denmark 174 Romania 167
4 Denmark 149 Armenia 166 Georgia 160
5 Azerbaijan 145 Azerbaijan 161 Israel 134
6 Belgium 143 Romania 155 Ukraine 129
7 Armenia 141 Greece 152 Denmark 121
8 Greece 140 France 151 Turkey 119
9 Georgia 136 Georgia 127 Azerbaijan 116
10 Ukraine 108 Serbia 110 Armenia 116
11 Russia 90 Russia 107 Greece 110
12 France 82 Spain 106 Albania 97
13 Serbia 72 Ukraine 94 Portugal 69
14 Israel 71 Belgium 76 Bosnia & Herzegovina 65
15 Spain 68 Iceland 40 Russia 63
16 Albania 62 Bosnia & Herzegovina 35 Ireland 62
17 Bosnia & Herzegovina 51 Albania 35 Norway 61
18 Portugal 43 Moldova 28 Cyprus 57
19 Iceland 41 Israel 27 Iceland 57
20 Norway 35 Portugal 24 Spain 43
21 Cyprus 27 Norway 18 Serbia 37
22 Moldova 27 Belarus 18 France 34
23 Ireland 25 Cyprus 16 Moldova 33
24 Belarus 18 Ireland 15 Belarus 22
25 United Kingdom 10 United Kingdom 7 United Kingdom 18

In the Semi-Finals, juries had a 50% stake in the outcome for the first time, following the success of the introduction of professional juries in the Final last year. Five music industry professionals in each country judged the entries on the originality of the composition, act, quality of the vocal performance and overall picture.

Belarus, Moldova and Russia benefit from televoter support in the first Semi-Final, while Bosnia & Herzegovina's high placing with the professional juries helped them to get to the Final as televoters placed them 11th. Belgium won the first Semi-Final in the combined result and in the jury vote, while televoters placed Tom Dice and his guitar third. Juries considered songs from Malta, FYR Macedonia and Estonia worthy to the Final, televoters disagreed and eliminated the three. Latvia had the unfortunate honour to finish last with both the juries as well as the televoters. Here are the split voting results for the first Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

First Semi-Final (combined) First Semi-Final (televoting) First Semi-Final (jury)
1 Belgium 167 Greece 151 Belgium 165
2 Greece 133 Iceland 149 Portugal 107
3 Iceland 123 Belgium 146 Greece 99
4 Portugal 89 Russia 92 Albania 96
5 Serbia 79 Serbia 92 Bosnia & Herzegovina 86
6 Albania 76 Finland 69 Iceland 85
7 Russia 74 Albania 68 Malta 66
9 Belarus 59 Belarus 63 Serbia 65
8 Bosnia & Herzegovina 59 Portugal 58 Estonia 64
10 Moldova 52 Moldova 54 FYR Macedonia 62
11 Finland 49 Bosnia & Herzegovina 42 Poland 58
12 Malta 45 Malta 40 Belarus 47
13 Poland 44 Poland 38 Moldova 42
14 Estonia 39 Slovakia 34 Russia 41
15 FYR Macedonia 37 FYR Macedonia 30 Finland 37
16 Slovakia 24 Estonia 22 Slovakia 25
17 Latvia 11 Latvia 12 Latvia 15

The split results of the second Semi-Final also show some surprises. Most significantly, the jury top-10 consisted of the same countries as the actual list of qualifiers. Due to a close race in the middle section of the televoter's leaderboard, televoters couldn't make the difference for Lithuania and Sweden, which viewers at home considered Final-worthy. Switzerland, Slovenia and Bulgaria closed the list of 17 in both the jury results as well as with the televoting. Azerbaijan won the televote, Georgia came first with the juries, and Turkey benefit from that disagreement finishing first in the combined results as a worthy compromise. Here are the split voting results for the second Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

Second Semi-Final (combined) Second Semi-Final (televoting) Second Semi-Final (jury vote)
1 Turkey 118 Azerbaijan 126 Georgia 117
2 Azerbaijan 113 Turkey 119 Turkey 93
3 Georgia 106 Romania 113 Azerbaijan 89
4 Romania 104 Denmark 106 Israel 88
5 Denmark 101 Georgia 102 Armenia 84
6 Armenia 83 Armenia 90 Ireland 84
7 Ukraine 77 Ukraine 77 Denmark 83
8 Israel 71 Lithuania 65 Romania 80
9 Ireland 67 Sweden 64 Cyprus 79
10 Cyprus 67 Cyprus 53 Ukraine 78
11 Sweden 62 The Netherlands 49 Sweden 76
12 Lithuania 44 Israel 46 Croatia 54
13 Croatia 33 Ireland 43 Lithuania 27
14 The Netherlands 29 Croatia 22 The Netherlands 26
15 Bulgaria 19 Bulgaria 15 Bulgaria 25
16 Slovenia 6 Slovenia 11 Switzerland 14
17 Switzerland 2 Switzerland 1 Slovenia 5

"It's good to see that for the second time in a row, music industry professionals and the viewers at home agreed upon the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest," Svante Stockselius, Executive Supervisor of the contest on behalf of the EBU said to Eurovision.tv. "We believe in televoting as the most democratic way to pick the winner of Europe's favourite TV-show, and at the same time we believe in the opinion of music industry professionals, who have a nose for potential hits, with chart success for several of this year's entries across Europe as a result."

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  • Posted on 26 August 2010 at 01:49
    Hye guys how are you doing?
    Any chance we get full results per country one day? report to the moderator
  • Posted on 21 August 2010 at 23:48
    where can i find detailed scoreboards of jury and televoting? thanks... report to the moderator
  • Posted on 10 July 2010 at 15:50
    Ainda andam com estas merdas. Para mim ganhou a pior canção e não tenho mais nada a dizer. O que me surpreende é a parte do júri também ter sido a favor daquela bosta.Até parece que foi de propósito porque queriam que a Alemanha suportasse as despesas com a organização deste cada vez mais estúpido festival. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 6 July 2010 at 17:28
    I'm still shocked with the result of Israel... He was third by British bookmakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't believe it, he was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 17:05
    when will the whole lists be revealed where you can see who got how many points from whom?? report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 12:35
    oh sorry for my duplicate. :/ it was a mistake.. :/

    my favourites were Spain, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Belgium and Romania. it is so sad that 4 of them did better with televoting and only Belgium did better with juries. :/ report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 12:21
    when I saw this charts for the first time, I became very angry with juries, because I think maNga deserved something better than 8th place. However, when I saw Belgium, Israel, Georgia, etc., I said "jury did a good job". But I'm pretty sure that juries don't like Turkey... anyway, I can't say "bring full televoting" because that would be unfair for countries like Belgium. I think this %50-%50 voting is the best and EBU should continue using it... btw, how did Germany manage to win according to juries? yes, Lena deserved to get the votes from televoting but I thought juries would search for 'talent', 'creativity', a good 'stage show' and power of voice on stage. Satellite was a great song but Lena didn't have this qualifications. I respect everyone's opinions and these are my opinions. :) we can't change the results now so let's hope for the best for ESC 2011. :) report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 10:37
    Tom dice is a star! The overall result of combining the jury with the televote has given us a good result. Nothing wrong with that happening! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 01:38
    you have invented any chart positions and imputed spreading wrong informations to me after I listed proven facts (source en.wikipedia.org respectively the official websites being linked there) that didn't appeal to you. that's all and in the english language you call that behaviour to lie and to defame.
    I don't know yet how the german audience has voted. perhaps it really have been 12 points to dice but I think it's quite implausible because we haven't voted that outstanding for more than a decade and the splitted lists show all in all it were almost 5-(wo)man-juries pushing belgium on the 50/50-list. however, I'd be VERY amused to come to know about. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 01:03
    and to end all this poisonous irrationality..congrats to tom for winning the first semi ! he proved that something excellent will take what it deserves..and if it wasn't for the ex soviets mainly he would be in the top 3 (as he was during most of the voting..) where he truly deserved..hoping for more performances and songs like this to the next contest as we need some real artists in esc finally.! good luck to everything he does and we will be waiting from him to give us more great songs..! all the best tom dice :) report to the moderator
  • Posted on 4 July 2010 at 00:58
    you are so naive really...the only liar here is you who want to prove things that are non existant...you only expose your lack of any credibility..you just can't accept the results the way they are and want to prove (first to yourself..) that what the..."televoters" want (call me diaspora and neighbour..) are actually anywhere close to what the real result should be..you can believe so but this year objectivity had a say to the result and an actual song and an actual artist got what he deserved (although he should be higher)...and the funny thing is that you (claim to) come from the country who gave belgium the 12p... of course it was jurie work as your favourite televote has definately placed turkey and greece first and second in an expression of greek and turkish diaspora objectivity..just deal with it and stop moaning and deluding yourself... report to the moderator
  • Posted on 3 July 2010 at 22:13
    So judging from the above mentioned I have a conclusion :
    "juries can be much more manipulated and speculative tool than televoters"! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 3 July 2010 at 22:12
    And some questions:
    1. How could it happen that jury ignored vocal abilities of lena and she highscored so much?
    2. Belgium and Cyprus. Two close enteries in general the same format and close vocal abilities. So how could it happen that according to juries Belgium was 2nd and Cyprus was 18th? report to the moderator
  • Posted on 3 July 2010 at 22:05
    I wonder what kind of people were on those juries when they voted for that poor Israeli kid who couldn't hit a single note right. Were they all tone deaf? Or were they afraid of repercussions? report to the moderator
  • Posted on 3 July 2010 at 18:27
    I think you have mixed the gaps up. :D

    bosnia-herzegovina: no final qualification (with juries 17th in final)
    azerbaycan: 5th place (5th place with juries)
    georgia: 9th place (9th place with juries, but 3rd place with juries alone!)
    greece: 7th place (8th place with juries)
    turkey: 2nd place (2nd place with juries)

    denmark: 3rd place (4th place with juries)
    germany: 1st place (1st place with juries)
    only belgium would've done better.

    ;-) report to the moderator