'Eurovision brings €134 million worth publicity'

'Eurovision brings €134 million worth publicity'
Eurovision Song Contest drew extra attention to Norway. Photo: Eurovision.tv
Oslo, Norway -

As always suspected, the Eurovision Song Contest brings the Host Country and Host City a lot of promotion. The local tourist boards counted the numbers and are very pleased with what they found.

Norwegian and the Oslo Tourist Board are very pleased with the results of Europe's favourite TV-show due to the huge amount of free publicity, the fan site, 3minutes.me writes.

Innovation Norway counted the number of total TV-reports about Norway and Oslo and the number resulted a staggering 10,000 programmes all around Europe!

The organisation, Visit Oslo puts this number into a better perspective, saying it's worth about 134 million euros worth of publicity to Norway. And also, they see the amount of tourists coming to Oslo increasing.

The 55th Eurovision Song Contest was held in the Norwegian capital of Oslo last May, with a total of three shows - 2 Semi-Finals and a Grand Final. The event brought thousands of journalists and fans all over the world to the event in addition to the 39 delegations from participating countries.