An Anti-crisis Girl talks about her Hell Machine

An Anti-crisis Girl talks about her Hell Machine
Svetlana Loboda (source: NTU)
Kyiv, Ukraine -

The Ukrainian representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Svetlana Loboda, has big plans in Moscow. She wants to surprise the whole Europe with her entry, entering the stage from above in a so called "Hell Machine". Svetlana spoke to about her exciting project, her new image as an Anti-crisis Girl, and her fears on stage in Moscow. Svetlana, what does the Eurovision Song Contest mean for you personally? How do you imagine you life afterwards?

Svetlana Loboda: "The Eurovision Song Contest is, first of all, a big step forward in an artist's life, a change to a higher level. I am sure that our preparation for the contest is going to be pretty hard: we have a lot of ideas about the act and we are planning very difficult gimmicks on stage. But I am also sure that my entry will bring me vast, invaluable experiences. It is very important to believe in yourself if you want to achieve victory." There is only a month left till the rehearsals for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest start. What are you up to? Are you going on tour through Europe?

Svetlana Loboda: "During the first days after my victory in the Ukrainian national final, without doubts, I had a big tour through Europe in my mind. But having considered all pros and cons I understood that I need a lot of time to prepare what is most important to me: my song. For this reason I'm going to visit only a few countries. Among them are The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Serbia, France and Greece." How is your life going to change if you manage to get a good place in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow? And if not?

Svetlana Loboda: "At this very moment, the question I'm thinking about and working on is how to make my entry truly breathtaking and one of the best in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. I want the viewers to be surprised and shocked by my performance. My daily vocal classes, the acrobatic training, learning different gimmicks and playing the drum kit take much time. There is simply no time left to think about how my life is going to be afterwards." You are planning a big show with circus elements in your entry and you are going to enter the stage from the ceiling. Tell us about the final version of your stage act! Are you not afraid? How safe is the equipment you are going to use in your show?

Svetlana Loboda: "The complicated construction is being made in Ukraine, Russia and Hong Kong. This mechanism has already been called a "Hell Machine" because of its hellish look with lots of lasers, pyrotechnics and light effects on it. I am sure of the safety of the construction, because it is made by professionals. But nevertheless I am still afraid because many movements will take place in the air, way over the stage." Some Ukrainian representatives in previous Eurovision Song Contests used Ukrainian elements in their entries like, for example, national costumes, folk dances or Ukrainian words. Does your entry in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest contain something Ukrainian, too?

Svetlana Loboda: "The most important thing for me is the Ukrainian spirit of victory and the support of the Ukrainians not only from our country but also in the diaspora all over Europe." Svetlana, you changed the lyrics of the your song's last chorus, turning into an Anti-crisis Girl. Could you tell us about your new image? Who was the initiator that idea?

Svetlana Loboda: "After the Ukrainian national final I realised that I needed some changes in my entry, thus we started working on the song. In the night before submitting my entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Russia, we changed the words in the last chorus of Be My Valentine, which was allowed until March 16th according to the rules. And now instead of the initial version "Baby, you're so fine, Be my Valentine" I will sing "Baby, I can save your world! I'm your anti-crisis girl!" Thus for the very first time in Eurovision Song Contest history, an entry will have two titles Be My Valentine - Anti-Crisis Girl. We are working on the performance of the song and trying to find costumes in fantasy style." So, what is more important for you: to surprise with your vocal abilities or to deliver a spectacular show?

Svetlana Loboda: "It's important to combine both and to present a beautiful mix of both a show and a song." Who of the previous Ukrainian contestants support you? Who inspires you?

Svetlana Loboda: "Verka Serduchka is a good old friend of mine. She helps me and supports me much. I like personalities like her. She is an idol, there is nothing fake in her, she is real." Will your joint concert with Verka Serduchka, about which the national press has written already, take place in Moscow?

Svetlana Loboda: "Yes, it will take place on May 13th. Everybody is invited to see me and Verka on stage in Moscow." One of your video clips is called "sexual blockbuster". Why does sexuality and erotics play such an important role for you on stage?

Svetlana Loboda: "My creative work is a projection of my personality on stage. Everything I do is linked to my soul. The main thing is to know the limits, and I have no problems with that." Svetlana, you were a part of the band "Cappuccino" and "ViaGra" as well, but your time in the bands was pretty short. What led you to the decision of leaving the bands?

Svetlana Loboda: "There are no such persons for whom I could work at all, and that's for different reasons. The main reason is that I need to participate in everything. It's a character feature I already had as a child. I always wanted to lead a parade and I knew I would go in the right direction. I like that way of life. I can't perform at concerts while somebody else earns the money that I deserve. To be in the bands was boring and there was no perspective for me! I want to realise myself in writing songs, creating new images, assembling video clips, doing creative things." If you get stranded on a desert island, which two things will you take with you?

Svetlana Loboda: "It depends how long I will stay there. If not too long then I'll take the latest issue of National Geographic and an iPod." wishes you good luck in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest!

Svetlana Loboda: "Thank you! I wish all contestants and viewers a beautiful show!"

A photo gallery of Svetlana Loboda and her Hell Machine can be seen here:

Watch the official video clip of Be My Valentine (Anti-crisis Girl) here:

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  • Posted on 17 April 2009 at 23:10
    Ukraine has great song!!!! Go Sveta!!! And see you all in Kiev next year =))))!!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17 April 2009 at 08:39
    Not great....I think Ukraine has blown their chance of a chance in the Final. It just doesn't have the catchiness of the last three years report to the moderator
  • Posted on 16 April 2009 at 19:21
    This is my votes:
    1point to NORWAY
    2points to UKRAINE
    3points to Romania
    4poitns to FINLAND
    5points to GERMANY
    6points to MALTA
    7points to SPAIN
    8points to TURKEY
    10points to AZERBAITZAN
    12points to GREECE

    GOOD LUCK UKRAINE !!!!!!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 16 April 2009 at 19:06
    to mundu-sammut

    Besides psychologists always say that 70% of all information are perceived by people's eyesight and only 10% by people's hearing, the rest belongs to other sense organs.

    As for the jury voting personally I am not so optimistic about this innovation because there is no certainty that the juries themselves won't vote for the neghbouring countries. And from the other hand no one has to prohibit juries to vote for neghbours because maybe the neighbours really submit qualitative songs and performance... report to the moderator
  • Posted on 16 April 2009 at 19:05
    to mundu-sammut

    Unfortunately the Wikipedia was created by the ordinary presons that you are or I am and it is not the fact that the difition suggested by Wiki for a song is approved by all 6B people of the world. Pay, please, attention that this difinition says that commonly the song is accompanied by musical instruments. But the first songs that were created by our remote ancestors always sang a cappella songs, that is, without any accompaniment only because the instruments had not been invented by the time the first songs appeared. Now it's very hard to imagine any ESC participent singing a cappalla songs because the modern perception of a song requires musical accompaniment. It was a natural process of developing of a song. Why don't you think that the next stage in developing of a song will be the show accompaniment of it? I am sure it's quite natural because people like not only to listen but also to watch. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 15 April 2009 at 17:45
    Good luck to brother country )) We always with UKRAINE !!! They hav great music taste)) i like ur folk music and ur singers. I hope u r goin to do good in the stage!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
    From "LAND OF FIRE" report to the moderator
  • Posted on 13 April 2009 at 17:17
  • Posted on 12 April 2009 at 20:30
    to mundu-sammut

    I am not so sure what you mean by "best song". Only the majority of people decides what can be called "a song", and especially "the best song". NOT ELITE!! And if the majority of people decided that in 2004 the best song was "Wild Dances", that was exactly them who were right. If the majority of people decided that in 2006 the best song was "Hard Rock Halleluiah", that was exactly them who were right. If the majority decides that the song should be accompanied by a performance, you should resign oneself to this definition of a song.

    As for the YuoTube - "Wild Dances" was seen less only because Ukrainians had less PCs connected to Internet, YouTube statistics is not an indicator because not all 6 billion people in the world have connection to internet. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 12 April 2009 at 00:40
    In spite of rudeness of Anastasiya Prihodko and her words about Svetlana Loboda "She is vulgar and filthy. She is not the one to compete with me!", the ukrainian participat gains own popularity and ratings among Europeans very quickly.
    Russian sais "those laughs best who laughs last".... report to the moderator
  • Posted on 11 April 2009 at 01:49
    MACEDONIA 2010 report to the moderator
  • Posted on 10 April 2009 at 21:04
  • Posted on 10 April 2009 at 21:01

    SHE's name is melana ernman she is 38 years old it's is a chanteuse (singer )d'opéra lyrique she is beautiful voice good luck sweden report to the moderator
  • Posted on 10 April 2009 at 20:43
    to mundu-sammut
    Waterloo is far away from what may be called a poem.
    if ESC wants to be popular, it will have to change something. songs dont entertain the modern people any more. but shows do. and it's a natural process of the developing of the modern showbiz. i see no negative points in turning European Song Contest into European Show Contest. the songs will no way disappear but they will be just changed in accordance with the modern demands as it always happened in the process of evolving.
    as for the Ukrainian entry... of course, it's far away from being of a high quality music which is played in opera houses but it is a very quality song of POP genre. that is exactly what an average manager needs after a long and nervous day in an office - something understandable, easy, funny and light.

    good-luck to everyone.

    i love our Ukrainian entry no matter what they say. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 9 April 2009 at 19:43
    Loboda is Best and
    Ukraine Nation is Best report to the moderator
  • Posted on 9 April 2009 at 17:51
    @ mundu-sammut (and hoping that Australia will enter !!)
    Good point about Serbia & Montenegro losing to Ukraine - S&M WAS my favourite song but my point is exactly that - the best song will now not win.........even as far back as 1998 when Chiara's first attempt "The One That I Love" lost to that shocking Israel seems that the performance is paramount - it has to be memorable to win the contest - not the best favourite this year is Finland but that is not the best song........
    Good comments though - I can't wait !!! report to the moderator