Swiss update: 3 finalists chosen, online voting started

Swiss update: 3 finalists chosen, online voting started
Atomic Angels, one of the 3 acts chosen by DRS. Source: DRS
Zurich, Switzerland -

The preparations for the Swiss national final, to be held on December 10th, are taking up speed: The German-language radio channel DRS 3 has announced three finalists who will enter the stage in Kreuzlingen. Meanwhile, online voting has started on the remaining acts on the website of the public broadcaster SF.

The first finalists of the Swiss national selection, to be broadcast live from Kreuzlingen on December 10th, are known! The radio channel DRS 3 nominated the following three candidates for the competition:

  • Atomic Angels - Black Symphony
  • Patrick Scott feat. Fabienne Louves - Real Love
  • Guillermo Sorya - Baby Baby Baby

Previously, Sarah McLoud had been announced as one of the finalists with her song Lost, but she was disqualified due to a breach of the Eurovision Song Contest rules - her entry had been released already in 2009. You can watch the official video clips of the three songs on the DRS 3 website.

At the same time, the online voting for the entries in the open selection, conducted by the broadcaster SF, has started. Every user can distribute a total of four votes over one or more entries. Check out the videos on the SF Eurovision Platform, and don't forget to vote!

One week ago, the Italian-language public broadcaster RTSI announced a televised national selection for its two spots in the Swiss final. The French-language broadcaster RTS and the German-language broadcaster SF had already presented their candidates online prior to that.