Eldar, Nargiz, Leyla to host Eurovision 2012

Eldar, Nargiz, Leyla to host Eurovision 2012
Leyla, Eldar, Nargiz will host the contest this year. Photo: Vugar Ibadov (Eurovision.az)
Baku, Azerbaijan -

Just minutes ago, Eldar, Leyla and Nargiz have been announced by the Host Broadcaster Ictimai TV to host this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

Who would host the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, and welcome over 125 million viewers from across Europe and around the world? Will we see the traditional couple to host the spectacle, or will one, or even three hosts welcome you to Europe's favourite TV shows? That's always a question wildly speculated on all over the world.

Well, the wait is over for this year - Eldar, Nargiz and Leyla have been picked to host Europe's favourite TV shows this year!

Who are they?


Nargiz’s first experience at television was at the age of 16. In her student years, Nargiz also worked as a reporter at the English news program of the Khazar University Student TV in Azerbaijan.

While studying law in the United States she tried herself as a model to support her studies. After school, Nargiz practiced law in the US and Russia.

“I have been following the Eurovision Song Contest for many years. It has been especially exciting since Azerbaijan started to take part in it. When we won, I was overjoyed, and knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of the contest in 2012. I feel extremely honoured and proud to be selected to host this amazing event!”


Eldar is a music school graduate trained in vocal, acting and rhethorics. Offspring of a recognised actor family, Eldar also tries himself in cinema. The most recent project he was involved in is Yuli Gusman’s Fear Not, I’m With You.

Proud of his astounding success at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest - he won the contest in 2011 -, Eldar is eager to appear at the Eurovision Song Contest stage again, this time as a presenter.

“It is a great pride to be the part of the Eurovision Song Contest, and it is an indescribable happiness and pleasure to share the stage moderating the contest to pass the spirit of the show to the millions of people around the world." he says.


Leyla, a musician by training and a TV presenter by occupation. She began her TV career in 2005 with the foundation of the Public Television (Ictimai) in Azerbaijan.

Leyla’s other activities include editing fashion magazine, moderating public events, managing public ceremonies and undertaking charity projects. As the first reviewer of the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan, she has been actively involved in all Eurovision-related events ever since.

“Eurovision Song Contest is the largest cultural and social event that is able to make people from all ranges, races and nationalities come together and join the huge music celebration. The founder of the Eurovision Song Contest, Marcel Bezençon maybe didn’t even know that the contest that was created only for Western Europe will crash the borders and will unite the West and the East. For me, it’s a big honour to be a presenter in this fantastic show and become a part of history that will be written in Baku in May. We will light the fire for Eurovision!”

The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 22nd, 24th and 26th of May in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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  • Posted on 24 April 2012 at 09:20
    HOPE NEVER DIES! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 23 April 2012 at 23:30
    BAG111 - I'm actually amazed! There is hope! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 23 April 2012 at 20:37
    Turnip, i agree with you, we can love each other, and live together! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 23 April 2012 at 17:46
    Respect =) thanks for info. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 23 April 2012 at 17:33
    Bag111, I appreciate but you just need to vacate our lands and stop the hateful rhetoric and falsifying history (also misappropriating our heritage, culture, music), calling us mongols, telling we came to Caucasus a few hundred years ago and took lands from you (UTTER RUBBISH) etc. And the peace will be restored - we are very forgiving and generous people! Azeri and Armenian people can live together - Armenians love our food, our music, our language, unless they are infected with nationalism, then they hate everything they find in common with Azeris and claim our entire culture as stolen from them! Do you get it? Armenia is aggressor - recently EU emphasised it and demanded Armenia needs to vacate the lands as their aggression causes slowing of the economic development of the entire region! What you should also realise that unless you become friends with us, your future is very bleak! Your reality already is - the migration rate, poverty! Just think! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 22 April 2012 at 13:21
    i don't care who presents

    a. its about the music
    b. the commentators always talk rubbish and tell bad jokes

    it doesn't matter how good/ bad their english is, I would prefer it without the "humour".

    Hope Eldar is going to change his haircut before may... but at least he is out there representing the rainbow
    :) report to the moderator
  • Posted on 22 April 2012 at 12:23
    Hope it will be a great show. Good luck from France. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 21 April 2012 at 17:23
    I have big expectations for you Azerbaijan.. dont let me down now :) report to the moderator
  • Posted on 21 April 2012 at 04:10
    @Gulya Your welcome! :-)

    @Turnip Your welcome as well! :-)

    And thanks for explaining me everything especially about Jamal wow you're mum knows her auntie! Cool!

    Greetings from New Zealand. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 20 April 2012 at 21:34
    dear Leila33 ! Believe, we don't want war... And i believe that many Azerbaijanians thinks so! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 20 April 2012 at 19:53
    They are Young, Beautiful and Bold! It will be very exciting!!!! Good Luck!
    Comments from Germany are negative. Perhaps you are jealous...? report to the moderator
  • Posted on 20 April 2012 at 11:24
    I`D RATHER AYSEL THAN THOSE ONES AS A HOST.................. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 20 April 2012 at 08:29
    Anke is THE BEST ESC host ever.. Loove her! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 20 April 2012 at 01:37
    i will give my opinion on them after i see them hosting...

    @bag111 our hosts last year couldn't speak english and french too but with practice you can handle on hosting or were our 3 hosts bad? :-I report to the moderator
  • Posted on 19 April 2012 at 21:37
    Dear KarabagIsOfAzerbaijan, i'm not gonna argue with you!
    All Armenians, (expect our president) wants live in peace...
    Ell is good, but i would like to see Nikki in Leyla's place, it's my opinion... I will enjoy ESC 2012, and will support Iceland..
    Good luck to everyone! report to the moderator