Second Semi-Final Winners' Press Conference

Second Semi-Final Winners' Press Conference
The ten Semi-Final Two winners on stage Photo: Dennis Stachel (EBU)
Malmö, Sweden -

After the Second Semi-Final, the ten winners gathered at the press conference area next to the Malmö Arena for a joint press conference. Find out what the delegations were asked by the press, and in which half of the Grand Final they were drawn to perform.

Two representatives from each of the ten qualifying delegations answered the questions of the press at the Malmö Arena in a joint press conference today. In addition to that, each country had to draw whether they will perform in the first or second half of the Grand Final.


The first delegation to give a statement at the press conference was Azerbaijan. Farid Mammadov started by performing a somersault, as he had promised before the Semi-Final. He went on by stating: "Before the Semi-Final I was thinking about nothing – I was only being positive about my performance." He was asked if he would plan to bring Eurovision back to Azerbaijan. "It is a good idea", he stated. "Why not – of course, I’ll try to be the best and win on Saturday." Azerbaijan was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


Next was the delegation from Finland. "I was really happy and I am so proud of my Ding Dong girls, and I felt so happy. And the kiss? Yeah, she is a good kisser", Krista Siegfrieds first summarised her feelings. "I hope my album will be released all over Europe, at least you can get it online. Lordi? I hope we can beat them. We have the pyros, we have the outfit", she commented on her album and her chances of winning. She was also asked if her boyfriend had already proposed to her: "I haven’t checked my phone yet but if he hasn’t proposed yet, I will marry someone else around here." Finland was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.


Gianluca from Malta was third in line at the press conference. First Gianluca described his feelings: "Is one word enough? Euphoria! It was simply an euphoric feeling. I don’t remember really, I was really on ecstasy, I was so high. I want to thank my whole team. As a doctor, I don’t check my heartbeat because I am sure I would be worried. I am happy to be in the final, we worked so hard for it." On his visit to a child’s hospital a few days ago, he commented: "It was the best day in Malmö, at least till today. It was great to see the children smile, and even hear them sing my song. It was a great experience and I’d do it over and over again." Malta was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.


The Icelandic delegation was next to answer the questions of the press. "I’m so thankful to be able to do it once again, and I’ll try to do it even better", Eythor Ingi first stated. "I was pretty relaxed because I had great people all around me, my team, and also the Swedish production was great", he described his feelings on stage, and he thanked the citizens of his home town in Iceland. Iceland was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


Greece was the next country to be called. Ilias Kozas, the lead singer of Koza Mostra, first stated: "I don’t know how we got to the final – maybe the people were drunk. But the most important thing was that we went to the final. The second I went on stage I was thinking of my fiancée." On the success of Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest, he said: "I’m a big fan of football, and I love fair play. I don’t mind if we don’t get twelve points from Cyprus for example. It should be a fair game for everyone." Greece was called last during the show. "I said a lot af bad words that you don’t want to know actually. I was very excited, I believed that we could make it to the final. I was sad about the Albanian song, though. We hug each other in the band, we are crazy people", he commented. Greece was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


Gor Sujyan, the Armenian representative, was the sixth qualifier to give a statement. On his expectations, he told the press: "Actually we are surprised - of course we had expectations, but in the end the only thing that matters is that we did it!" He was asked if he managed to pass the message of his song, Lonely Planet, to the world: "I think that people miss honest music, and I hope we managed to share this message, and I am happy that we get another chance on Saturday. The message is in our soul." Armenia was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.


Next was ByeAlex, the philosopher from Hungary. "Life would be a mistake without music, as Friedrich Nietzsche said", was his first statement. What is his secret? "It is hard to tell, but even though my song is sung in Hungarian, people still seemed to get the message", he stated. "Actually I was, but it could have been because I didn’t have time to eat – I have to take care of that", he answered the question if he was nervous. Hungary was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


"I am happy that now I can go back to Norway with my head up high", was Margaret Berger’s first statement. On her similarities to Lady Gaga, she stated: "If you go on youtube and watch my videos from 2006, I’d rather say that Lady Gaga looks like me." It’s Norway’s national holiday today, on which Margaret stated: "I have a really nice dress that’s red, white and blue, and I’ll wear it a while and have a glass of champagne." "I was not expecting it, there was a real explosion going on inside my head when Norway was announced. I never take anything for granted", she described her feelings. Norway was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


Georgia was next to answer questions. "We told each other ‚I love you‘ before going on stage, and it was really great to be there and perform", Nodi Tatishvili first said. "This is not only important for us but for Georgia. Today it was a day of mourning in Georgia because three soldiers have died in Afghanistan, and we dedicated our performance to them", he stated. On the advantages of visiting Georgia in case of their victory, Nodi Tatishvili explained: "It doesn’t matter if we win or not, Georgia is a nice country, and you should visit it in any case." Georgia was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


Last to give a statement was the Romanian representative Cezar: "I am already happy because I am a winner – I’m in the final. It’s the first time a countertenor is in the final of Eurovision. The voice is the most important sovereign, and I try to be even better on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who voted for me – I cried for half an hour after the results were announced. I’m too sensitive. I’m really proud to represent my country, and all opera singers." Cezar was asked if he wanted to thank someone. "I want to thank my father, even though he is in heaven now, for three years now. He is the most important person in my life, and I dedicate my performance to him." On the most probable winner of the Grand Final, Cezar first pointed at himself, but then he also mentioned Georgia, and Ukraine. Cezar finished the press conference by a piece of opera singing. Romania was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.

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  • Posted on 18/May 2013 at 15:51
    Cezar is not 'different' i mean he is, he scared the shit out of me and many people as i heard on the radio. it's true that The Eurovison need something different this year but not Romania scream till you die vote is for Hungary,the singer is so calm and the preformance wans't to much or too little it was just perfect. i like that the song is about love and that you can see that he is singing about his real feelings so my Runner up is Hungary's ByeAlex-Kedvesem(MyDarling)..
    Hungary you have Balkans full support..we believe in you...Good Luck Alex tonight show them what real music is about!!!
    LoveFromSerbia <3 report to the moderator
  • Posted on 18/May 2013 at 01:58
    Cezar - great surprise. Caesar to surprised even myself ... Before the 2 semifinal, I didn't give a chance for my country. But really, the show was very good and could be a big surprise in the end . Have chances to win: Moldova (song in romanian language and i like this), the Netherlands (good song and exceptional voice), Greece (funny and i like the shoes and the grandpa') , Hungary (good ritm, i like) , UK (Bonnie- i love her), Azerbaijan (good voice) and Romania ( :-) the voice, the show, the new...and the dress- good idea ) . Denmark has a song too common. Norway depends on singer and yesterday wasn't not very good. Germany ... disappointing (although in reality regret , because I love Germany) .
    Succes for all countries, in the final! Is just music and show, nothing bad! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 18/May 2013 at 01:17
    Let me see now who can say that EV is not politics?From 5 Balkan(ex Yugoslavian republics),nobody deserves to be in final?Something it's not right over here.Macedonia and Montenegro have solid songs and performances, they deserves to be in final.(respects for the others)!!! I'm disappointed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 20:56
    Congratulations Cezar for getting into the Grand Final! You deserve to be there! There are a few original songs in the final this year, but none of them is like the Romanian song! Romania 12 points! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 20:32
    @MrEurovision, our song is actually a eurovisions song. eurovision isn't a contest where the best song wins but the song which will make the community to have the most fun. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 19:46
    Im so happy that Hungary and Romania are in!!! They were amazing! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 19:14
    non of the others contestants would be able to sing like he does!!!we have to stop vote only the commercial songs and to think about the great talents....all of them just sing but what he does is really special!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 19:11
    GO CEZAR!!!HE REALLY DESERVES TO WIN....HE IS SPECIAL! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 19:06
    I think the qualifiers are a disgrace. Some of the cheapest songs ever, especially Greece and Romania. Even Finland and Armenia, lucky to have friends. The biggest travesty of all is San Marino missing out. Why? How? Insane.
    My full thoughts here: report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 18:00
    Cezar is something new, a countertenor in Eurovision. Strange maybe for Eurovision but good because it's time for change, need a change in Eurovision.Romania have a very good voice, I like the pop opera combination, new musical concept in Eurovision.WE WANT TO SEE ONE WINNER WITH GOOD VOICE, GOOD SONG, GOOD ARTIST (charismatic, smart).
    IT"S TIME FOR CHANGE EUROVISION. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 16:19
    from GERMANY
    No. 1 song in 2013 is CEZAR from ROMANIA
    cause :
    very,very good voice
    very,very good song
    new musical concept -new in eurovision - opera pop

    norway-resembles TATU
    finland-good song for Disneyland
    and so on...

    for me EUROVISION is:
    -something new

    This year best song is CEZAR from ROMANIA ,, CONGRATULATIONS " report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 16:16
    Armeniaa ..................I like our song very much.......Dorians I love you report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 16:14
    @alexis951 from Norway
    Norway didn't deverve to be in the final:( San Marino ,Swetzerland and Israel deserved more!Anyhow ,nonetheles i like norwegian song,,,,,, report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 15:47
    CEZAR, A FASCINATING appearance! Congratulations for the courage and performance!!! You could feel the energy of the song soo strong, very impressive. You are allredy THE BEST! Amazing!!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17/May 2013 at 15:43
    I'm totally obsessed with Romania song. Cezar is amazing, he deserves to win. :) report to the moderator