Igranka hits the Eurovision dancefloor

Igranka hits the Eurovision dancefloor
Montenegro: First Rehearsal of Who See, Thomas Hanses (EBU)
Malmö, Sweden -

MTV Award winning hip-hop duo Who See from Montenegro started the second day of rehearsals in Malmö Arena today. They turned the stage into Eurovision dancefloor while performing their song Igranka.

Dedduh (Dejan Dedović) and Noyz (Mario Đorđević) together with female vocalist Nina Žižić surprised us with their costumes which they don’t want to reveal before the show. Still we got the exclusive peak into their dressing room.

What is going to happen on the stage during the Who See's performance is quite unique experience. Not only that they managed to turn the Eurovision stage into a dancefloor, it becomes the whole new “universe” as Dedduh and Noyz appear on the stage as astronauts.

Nina is a sexy female cyborg. She sings her lines in chorus, including parts that are normally used as a sample in the song with complete perfection. “We had a great sound check today. Everythings sounds really good. Eurovision is really amazing experience for me”, Nina said to us right before getting on the stage.

The performance of the dub-step song Igranka is being followed by lots of light effects and smoke, because Igranka in Montenegrin means - party. Nina is suddenly appearing, being lifted to the stage, a second before the chorus.

Who See are performing ninth in the first Semi-final on 14th of May. Dedduh, Noyz and Nina hope they will qualify for the Final this time, as Montenegro didn’t manage to get into the Grand Final since they regained their independence.