The Moldovan representative - who is he?

The Moldovan representative - who is he?
Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, and Pasha Parfeny. Photo: TRM
Baku, Azerbaijan -

Colin Farrell, Edward Norton - or Pasha Parfeny? The fact that the Moldovan representative looks quite similar to two world famous celebrities has created quite a buzz around his youtube videos. Learn more about what Pasha himself thinks about this interesting fact.

Pasha Parfeny’s video on the Internet is sprinkled with comments confusing him with Edward Norton or Colin Farrell. So, what similarities do these three guys have?

The thing is, that according to one opinion, Pasha is madly similar to Edward Norton, according to others he's rather a Colin Farrell lookalike. Let's just have a look at the Youtube comments on his recent videos:

  • A look alike with Edward Norton :-)
  • He looks like Edward Norton
  • So Colin Farell is Moldovian? ;D Such an amazing song, can't stoplistening to it!
  • Edward Norton meets Colin Farrell!! ^^. Such an AMAZING song!! So much funand it puts a smile on my face!! :D. This deserves to do well in Eurovision!! ^^

Pasha himself treats this with a smile, but he still wants to emphasize that it's indeed him you will see on the semi-final stage tomorrow!

Also check out our video of Pasha Parfeny performing an acoustic version of his Eurovision entry Lăutar on Youtube: