Two more finalists in Finland

Two more finalists in Finland
Arion, a further act in the final of UMK in Finland (Photo: YLE)
Helsinki, Finland -

The second qualification round just took place in Finland for their 2013 national selection UMK. After the results of the expert jury and the televote were mixed it turned out that both Arion and Krista Siegfrids go straight to the Final in February. Lucy Was Driving, Great Wide North and Elina Orkoneva will have a second chance in the semi-final next week.

The Contest for New Music (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu), UMK 2013, held its second qualification show tonight. These were the six acts that competed today (finalists in bold):

  • Atletico Kumpula - Paperilyhty / Paper Lantern (Kyösti Salokorpi, Atlético Kumpula)
  • Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me (Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristofer Karlsson, Jessika Lundström)
  • Lucy Was Driving - Dancing All Around The Universe (Lucy Was Driving, Otso Koskelo)
  • Arion - Lost In The Woods (Iivo Kaipainen)
  • Elina Orkoneva - He’s Not My Man (Elina Orkoneva, Mikko Arlin, Joona Hasan, Eveliina Jämsä, Lauri Lähteenkorva, Henri Mäntylä)
  • Great Wide North - Flags (Kaj Kiviniemi, Mika Kiviniemi, Great Wide North)

Only the expert jury full results were shown: Great Wide North was first with 36 points and Arion second with 35. Later these results were mixed with the telephone votes and it turned out that Arion and Krista Siegfrids (pictured below) were the two acts proceeding to the final.

Atlético Kumpula were not in the last place of the jury vote but, after the televote, it turned out that they are the ones leaving the competition. The remaining three acts, Great Wide North, Lucy Was Driving and Elina Orkoneva, will have another go in the semi-final next Thursday the 31st of January.


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