Who qualified in the second heat in Azerbaijan?

Who qualified in the second heat in Azerbaijan?
Azad Shabanov, one of the qualifiers. Photo: İTV
Baku, Azerbaijan -

Tonight it was time for the second show of Böyük Səhnə, the national selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan. The show was presented by Husniye Maharramova and Tural Asadov - find out who qualified for the next round, to be broadcast on Sunday February 23rd!

In tonight's show of Böyük Səhnə, the following candidates qualified for the next round:

  • Azad Shabanov
  • Erkin Osmanli
  • Samira Efendiyeva
  • Dilara Kazimova
  • Khana Hasanova
  • Elton Ibrahimov

All participants had performed cover versions of popular hits, with the jury voting on them right after the performances. Dilara Kazimova entertained the public with a very original version of Propellerheads' History Repeating - sang in the surroundings of a kitchen!

Most notably for Eurovision fans, Samira Efendiyeva sang the Albanian entry in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, It's All About You by Juliana Pasha, while Rilaya treated the public with her version of Drip Drop, the Azerbaijani entry in the same year.

The jury comprised five experts from the show business and arts scene in Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva (Eurovision representative of Azerbaijan in 2012), Eldar Gasimov (winner of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest), Tunzala Agayeva (composer and singer), Faiq Suceddinov (popular singer), and Zumruz Dadashzade (professor of the Baku Music Academy).

Here are the complete results of jury voting (in order of appearance, qualifiers in bold):

  • Hülya Ibadova (43 points)
  • Erkin Osmanli (49 points)
  • Valeria Huseynzadeh (Rilaya) (42 points)
  • Azad Shabanov (49 points)
  • Samira Efendiyeva (48 points)
  • Aydin Eyvazzade (39 points)
  • Khana Hasanova (46 points)
  • Fuad Asadov (39 points)
  • Dilara Kazimova (48 points)
  • Elton Ibrahimov (45 points)

In the interval, the female contestants joined force an presented their version of Jamala's song Smile, with which she participated in the Ukrainian national selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Don't remember it? Then check it out on youtube!

The third show of Böyük Səhnə will take place next Sunday, February 23rd.

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  • Posted on 18 February 2014 at 11:40
    Its too bad Jamala didn't represent Ukraine in 2011. She would've been amazing with Smile. I hope she tries again one day. Great to see Azerbaijan is so supportive of other countries' national selection songs even those that don't get sent to Eurovision. report to the moderator
  • Posted on 18 February 2014 at 08:03
    MMhh, a bit disappointed, my fav is one of the last in the list of points... report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17 February 2014 at 23:08
    Delia is just great!!! I always was going to parties to listen to her voice... I hope she will win, she really deserves it and it is not the first time that she apply to Eurovision! So, go Delia go!!! But I am just worrying that in the end they will make a duet... which I guess can be with Erkin, yea, he is ok... But I would love to see Delia alone in the stage!!! report to the moderator
  • Posted on 17 February 2014 at 23:02
    The kitchen performance was hilarious! Dilara for the win!! Vote for her Azerbaijan!! Europe will love her!! report to the moderator