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In 2015, the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Vienna, Austria. On these pages you can find press information about it. Don't forget to follow our Twitter (@eurovisionpress) for the latest updates.

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UPDATE: Full split results of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest revealed

UPDATE: Sweden wins the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest & gives a press conference

UPDATE: Interviews with participants and other relevant audio clips from this year's contest are available for streaming and download on this EBU platform. To apply for a free password to access the site please send a request to [email protected].

UPDATE: You can now find the Press Conference material in our YouTube playlist.

UPDATE: You can find information about the Opening Ceremony in the invitation.

UPDATE: You can find the Meet & Greets on our YouTube playlist.

UPDATE: You can now find a leaflet of the contest being a Green Event this year (PDF)

UPDATE: Press photos from the Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits event are now available in the photos section.

UPDATE: Austrian Airlines has an offer to all members of press (pdf).

UPDATE: Find out more about the 60th Anniversary Events.

UPDATE: Accreditation for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is open now till the 17th of April. See the Accreditation page for more.

UPDATE: Rules of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest have been released. See the menu on the right.

UPDATE: The revamped generic logo of the Eurovision Song Contest has been launched (31.07.2014)

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