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Austria: Düsseldorf, Wir Kommen!

The 10 lucky songs which made the final are the following and are competing in the Austrian national selection, Düsseldorf, Wir Kommen!, live from Vienna:

  • Band WG - 10 Sekunden Glück
  • Leo Aberer & Patricia Kaiser - There Will Never Be Another You
  • Oliver Wimmer - Let Love Kick In
  • Alkbottle - Wir san do ned zum Spaß
  • Eva K. Anderson - I Will Be Here
  • Trackshittaz/Lukas Plöchl - Oida Taunz!
  • Charlee - Good To Be Bad
  • Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner - Paris, Paris
  • Nadine Beiler - The Secret Is Love
  • Richard Klein - Bigger, Better, Best

Experts and fans expect a tough race, and several names - like Trackshittaz and Alkbottle - have been named as possible winners.There will be two rounds of voting tonight, at first the TV-viewers will decide about a so-called superfinal top three. These three will then perform again with the winner being ultimately chosen afterwards.

The decision will be televote only, so anything can happen with a good performance!